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its_mondayHappy Monday!!! I have to say I’m so excited for this Monday. The past two weeks have been crazy in my house with company, illness, and a serious family scare. I feel Monday is the perfect day to restart and have a fabulous week! And my oldest is off school all week so I’m excited to spend time with him. It’s crazy how much you miss those wild ones once they start school haha.


Plus a week with him means a week away from his school germs. Since he started in October, he has been sick every other week! Not fun especially since he passes it on to his sister and brother and then to me! I’m planning to start using essential oils to try and keep everyone healthier as I’m so tired of the sick germs haha. If you have some good tips on using essential oils to improve immune systems in kids, feel free to comment below or email me with them! I’ll be happy to feature you if they work! As long as it’s safe and healthy, I’m game to try ANYTHING at this point for a healthier home!

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So if you noticed, the page was down most the month of January due to the company I was hosting with having issues. I’m excited to say I found a new host provider and they have been a joy to work with and such a HUGE help! I’m behind on a lot thanks to that, but plan to play catch up over the next few weeks! I tried three recipes off Pinterest last week and they were all huge fails. Don’t you hate when that happens?!?! But the good news is that means I have more new things to try this week to share with everyone haha.


This week’s Mom Boss is someone very dear to me. She is head of a non-profit organization, a Master Trainer for Train Dirty Fitness, a Mom to the most wonderful little girl, and the owner of Fit Mom Glam Life! Meet Stephanie Powell!!!!! Read her amazing story below!


1620525_10154084817996091_3695717556594518647_n“2 years ago I didn’t realize how badly my family needed the Younique opportunity. I thought that life was supposed to be a constant struggle, with little time to do what we really enjoyed. It wasn’t until I committed myself to change that I realized we needed this time freedom more than anything. I love that my paycheck can’t increase until I am helping others, but once I help others, the possibilities are limitless!”

Want to learn more about Stephanie? Go follow her on facebook or visit her website. You will love chatting with her!

Facebook: Fit Mom Diaries

Website: Fit Mom Glam Life


Want to me the next Mom Boss? Send me an email about how your job has changed your life!


Coming up next week….Jobs that are ALWAYS hiring! This list will help those people looking for a set income job with set hours! And for those looking for a job with flexible hours, I have one for you too! “Can I Find A Job With Flexible Hours?” this will include the scams to watch for, the legitimate jobs you can find, and the many questions people have about these types of jobs. Tune in this week, and make sure you subscribe to the page and our newsletter so you never miss out!



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Have a blessed day everyone!


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