Musings On A Thursday

Ok so full disclosure, I wrote this post Monday Morning before realizing my website was down! So after this, my day went a bit downhill haha. I thought It was down because my hosting payment was due on the 16th, so I went ahead and paid that. Still was down! So I emailed and found out the company who hosts my website, had had a cyber attack! YIKES! Hundreds of people had their websites down this week, but RFE Hosting worked hard to get them all back up and running for us as quick as possible. Thank goodness!!! So here is My Monday Musings….just a little late hahaha!

Most people dread Monday, but I actually love it! It’s a brand new start to a week and a chance to get back on track haha. The past few months have been crazy in my house so I’m very excited for a normal week! Or as normal as can be with 3 kids under 6, a husband who works crazy hours and is back in college, and myself working from home!!!

My goal this week is to find a few more crock pot recipes that are quick, easy, and healthy! My husband basically has an hours between the time he wakes up in the afternoon and the time he has to be in to work so having him around to watch the kids while I cook doesn’t happen anymore! It wouldn’t be a big deal except my 19 month old doesn’t play with toys….instead he likes to find ways to take apart my house, or to see how high he can climb!

Let’s talk happenings!!!

Miss Boss

I’m very excited to let yall in on a brand new ambassador program which focuses on teaching women to be the BOSS of their lives!!! It will be run by some of the top names in social media/direct sales and will focus on many different areas. We will have some sharing social media tips for those wishing to master social media, someone teaching how to be successful in direct sales, someone teaching about fitness, and many other great topics!! For those looking for a fun place to fit in, this is!!! For those looking for free help working from home successfully, this is it!!! For those looking to find friends and a great network of women, this is it!!! Spots are limited though so go fill out the online application today!!!






I’m very excited to introduce this week’s Mom Boss, my good friend, Angela!!! She is an amazing, hard working Mom, and a huge supporter of other business owners!!


“My name is Angela Larraga and I have been a Le-Vel Independent Promoter since July 2015. I was at a point in my life where I had no energy, no motivation to get things done, brain fog, had extra weight that wouldn’t come off and body discomforts. I tried many things but nothing seemed to work. I kept seeing posts about Thrive on Facebook. After some quick research, I ordered my 30 day Thrive Experience. Day One, I noticed I had more energy. By Day 5, I had more mental clarity and by Day 10, I I knew I found the products that would change my life. I had energy, I slept great at night, waking before my alarm clock and excited to start the day. I played with my kids again, my body discomforts were improving. I also lost several inches & some pounds because my sugar and carb cravings were reduced. The best day was when my kids said “Mom, it’s so awesome to have you back. You’re the mom you used to be again” I love helping people feel their best and live the life they deserve. More information is available at”




Coming This Week

*5 Unique Ways To Make Money From Home

*Skinny Potato Soup

*Mastering The Selfie


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Remember if you would like to be the Mom Boss of the week, send me an email at and share with me how working from home has changed your life!


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