Online Tutoring

How do you find the perfect work from home job? The key is finding something you enjoy, that pays well, and works with your schedule! One popular job I’d love to show you today is online tutoring!

Many people choose to work in direct sales because of the flexibility it offers, yet thats not the perfect fit for every one. Other people choose customer service jobs thanks to the set income, yet those set hours don’t work for moms with little kids at home. Being a virtual assistant or getting certified to do billing are other options. One I’ve heard a lot about lately, and is a newer program, is online tutoring!


Online Tutoring

This program is called Vipkid and focuses on teaching kids in China, how to speak English. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for this job!!! What really appeals to Mom’s looking for some income, is the fact you can pick which hours you work, and how many hours you work!

Online Tutoring

According to Betsy, a teacher working with VipKids, each class is 25 minutes long, and you can do different classes based on how much you want to work! Thanks to the time change with the USA and China, many Mom’s are able to work in the early morning around 6am before their family even wakes up!! Or you can choose to work evenings if you are a night owl! For most parents, working early morning or evening is the BEST option as that is when our own kids are asleep! Which means some peace and quiet while we work!


Online Tutoring

You get paid in a few different ways with Vip kid. For each class you teach, you earn $7-9. You also earn $1 for finishing the class and $1 for leaving feedback within 12 hours of teaching the class. Let’s say you work 6-8:30 each day, for 5 days. That puts you earning around $200 a week!! Not bad at all!!

The company also has training’s where you can learn how to tutor better, and what thing’s they are looking for.  They also work with your schedule, which we all know is important as a Mom! They have great reviews online too from many people who enjoy the income they earn with this job. The only complaint is people wish they could work more, and that benefits were offered. But for Mom’s looking to earn some extra income from home, this seems like a great fit!!

If you are interested in working with VipKids, please contact Betsy for more information!

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Online Tutoring


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