Our family is growing…..

Our family grew by some furry feet in June!! Meet Artemis and Apollo, our new German shepherd puppies!!! Aren’t they adorable?!?!


My husband has been begging for one going on 4 years now, so I finally gave in as long as they were HIS responsibility. But of course when him working nights and in school during the day….that did not work out so well haha. They are so cute and sweet that although I’m a bit worn out, they are worth it!!!


The hardest part is potty training right now. When we got them, we were told they had had their shots and were up to date on them. We made an appointment anyway for the vet a week after bringing them home. One day before their vet appointment, they got super sick and turned out they had TWO types of worms and had NOT been to the vet at all (which we learned when we requested the previous owners have their vet, fax our vet their paperwork).  It was touch and go for a few days as the poor babies couldn’t get better. We ended up at the emergency vet TWICE, but they are finally all better.


That seems to have set back their potty training since they were so sick. They do great going potty outside, but also 10 minutes after coming in the house, they don’t mind going again haha.


They play so great with the kids too and they seem to think they are all part of the same litter!! We are getting a fence put in this week so hopefully that will make the potty training and gazillion walks a little easier for me!


Best part of having puppies?!?! The joy on your kids faces when they play with them!! Totally worth all the messes I clean up and all the time I spend outside with them!


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