Dear 2017

2016 was a very rough year for me. As a personal trainer, it’s hard to watch your body change from strong to weak. As a Mom, its hard to have to tell your kids many days a week that you are sick. As a friend, it’s hard to act like you are fine when the truth is you feel horrible….yet you don’t want to be a burden to people. One of my biggest struggles though is sharing what I’m going through. Most my life I’ve been told I’m a “perky” person and I like that trait….but the health problems have turned me into someone else. It’s a struggle to admit what I’m going through but that’s one thing I want to change in 2017!!! I hope that my story might help someone else who is going through the same thing, to know they are not alone!

unnamed-1Backstory: In March 2016 I had been struggling with some health problems. Fatigue, bruising, sore muscles, nails breaking, hair falling out, etc. A visit to the doctor resulted in the discovery of a nodule on my thyroid. After a rushed trip to the hospital for an ultrasound and the discovery that I did indeed have a lovely lump growing….I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. It is an autoimmune disease that targets your thyroid and attacks it until your thyroid no longer works. Repeat attacks on the thyroid is what caused the lump to form. For those that don’t know, the thyroid stores and produces hormones that affect the function of virtually every organ in our bodies. It’s kinda like the powerhouse of the body and when it doesn’t work well you feel horrible! There is no way to cure an autoimmune disease so instead they treat the damaged thyroid.


I began thyroid replacement treatment in the hopes that would improve my symptoms as the autoimmune disease had put me into hypothyroidism which meant my thyroid wasn’t working as well anymore.  The hypothyroidism can cause many harmful side effects so I also had issues with my reproductive system and now have hormone treatments plus ultrasounds. It also damaged my stomach and we discovered I have something called Barrett’s Esophagus where the lining of your esophagus has been badly damaged and you have a long term risk for esophagus cancer. I currently take a daily acid reducing medicine in the hopes of stopping the damage to my esophagus and will have another biopsy done on it in a few months to see if it has gotten worse. I’ll get to have those for life BUT luckily that put me to sleep, its over in a few minutes, and the recovery is easy!


In the beginning of August, I started having severe sinus infections. In fact, I have currently had 5 since then!!! The reasoning behind that….I’m not sure haha. I did find out I basically have no immune system right now which means I have to be very careful with who I am around as I get sick so easily. I also noticed I began gaining weight, was cold all the time, and has weird pains in my hands and feet. A return for more blood work showed that my thyroid had been damaged even worse than before and which resulted in increase in my medicine plus some more blood work and another ultrasound to see if my lovely little thyroid growth has gotten bigger.


Needless to say, 2016 has been rough! I think the hardest part for me was mentally handling all this. Waking up everyday feeling sick is a lot to handle especially with 3 kids and a husband who isn’t around very much due to his schedule. Before long, I noticed myself feeling depressed. It seemed each time I went to the doctor, they found something else wrong. It was the most frustrating situation as I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor, but now I have FIVE doctors I go to! I understood pretty quickly why many people with an autoimmune disease suffer from depression. A chronic illness is lonely. No one understands how painful it is (physically and mentally) unless they have been there. Gone is your motivation, your perkiness, your desire to socialize. You become someone different.


This has taught me so much though! I’ve learned I’m far stronger than I ever thought. I’ve learned that I have a voice, and even though I hate talking about my weaknesses, I need to! I’ve learned that simply being there for someone who is struggling, is one of the BEST things you can do. I’ve learned to relax more, stop beating myself up, and ask for help. I’ve learned to laugh as much as possible and make good memories. But most importantly, I’ve learned to be thankful. I’m thankful it’s me going through this and not my kids! I’m thankful for a job where I can work from home…if not I would be on disability at this point! I’m thankful for my wonderful tribe of supportive friends. I’m thankful that I’m a fighter!!!


2016 was a very rough year for me…..but 2017 will be amazing. I actually have a tattoo of a Phoenix I got over 12 years ago, and it applies even more now than then! Sometimes you have to be worn down and defeated in order to rise again!


For 2017, I’m taking a lot more time for me and focusing on my health. My husband is taking some time off from college to help me more. I plan to find a doctor that can handle all the issues an autoimmune disease causes, and hopefully focus more on total health. I have a great nutrition plan in place as I follow the paleo diet, and a workout plan that is not too much stress for my body to handle. I can always use extra prayers though so if you don’t mind adding my to your prayer list, I would greatly appreciate it! And if you know anyone with an autoimmune disease, I beg you to reach out to them often and let them know you are praying for them. That simple act could change their whole day. An autoimmune disease is a very depressing, lonely, and overwhelming disease and just giving someone a shoulder to lean on can truly make all the difference for them.


Here is to 2017!!! It may take a little while, but I know it will be amazing!!!


2017 Goals

When the New Year arrives, a very popular trend you will see is people setting 2017 goals. But the reality is, most those goals are punishment and not something you look forward to doing! Losing weight, cleaning your house, being more organized….YAWN and BORING! The point of goals is to motivate you to improve your life and be happier. Not dread the goal so much that you are actually happy you failed it!!!

2017 Goals

2017 Goals

This year, work on goals that are good for you, but also you will enjoy doing! If weight loss is your goal, make it fun! Join a class with a friend, learn to cook healthy recipes that taste good, get outside while you exercise, make it something that is not miserable! Life is short, you don’t need to make yourself miserable to live a healthy life! If you are improving your finances, take a class to learn how to do it with a friend! Get creative on how to save and reward yourself with free to do activities (there are so many in most areas, you just have to look!).

Find ways to make yourself happier in 2017. Drop people that are negative and toxic! Even if they are family members, life is to short to have people around you that suck out the joy. It’s a freeing feeling to say BYE BYE to the negative nellies! Look for ways to help others. Give back where you can! Find a fun hobby you can do that will make you happy.

Life is short, make 2017 the best year yet and leave the miserable resolutions in the past!

5 Types Of Goals To Set For 2017
1) Something that will improve your health
2) Something that will improve your finances
3) Something that will make you happy
4) Something that will allow you to help others
5) Something that will be fun

2017 Goals


5 Qualities Of Successful People

Do you ever look and some people and wonder “How are they so successful?” I know I do!!! As a busy Mom of 3, I struggle to get everything done, keep my house clean, my children in line, AND build a successful business! It’s a lot of work!!!! I won’t lie, many times you will find dishes in my sink, my hair in a bun, and not a stitch of makeup on me. I’m too busy trying to keep up with other things haha.

5 Qualities Of Successful People

cozy-christmas-1But what makes some people successful, and some people not? I interviewed a few work from home Mom’s and came up with 5 Qualities Of Successful People after learning what they do in their businesses. Being a work from home Mom takes a lot of work as many of you know! Our work hours are usually at night once the kids are in bed and we are exhausted. That alone makes it difficult as you have to motivate yourself at a time of day when all you want is sleep. Plus many work from home job’s require constantly trying over and over and not getting discouraged when you have a rough month…or a few rough months. And if your kids get sick, you have company visiting, or you get sick….your business is put on hold! It’s hard!!!


Yet some Mom’s make it look easy, and they key is these 5 Qualities Of Successful People. These qualities are things we can all work on to help make ourselves more successful, and things that also apply to live in general!


  1. They don’t quit- working from home is HARD and it takes a lot of time. The average is 2 years to build a successful business. Yet I see many people quit within their first 3 months. To be successful you have to have a no quit attitude no matter how hard it gets. Quitting just sets you back even further.
  2. They are creative- you need to think outside the box. Come up with new ideas. Keep trying new things to grow your business. You have to be willing to evolve!
  3. They are trainable- when you start a new business, you have to first learn the proper way to do it! You wouldn’t make a grande skinny latte with an extra shot of espresso your first day on the job. When you work from home, you need to keep plugging into training’s and ask for help! Keep learning always!
  4. They are optimistic- working from home is HARD (notice how many times I’ve said that because it’s true) but if you look for the positive, it helps you keep going. If you dwell in the negative, you won’t move your business forward. Plus if you work with a team or customers, they need to see a positive attitude. No one likes a downer!
  5. They set goals- Every business should have goals. Short term and long term. These goals help keep you on track and ensure you are putting in the work to get where you want to be. Always set new goals. They can be an income goal, or a goal such as helping 3 families be debt free.

5 Qualities Of Successful People

Working from home is hard! In the 4 years I have done so, I have seen people quit over and over and over again. It takes work, a lot of work. But if you keep trying, refuse to quit, and work on personal development….you will get there! Try seeing if you have these 5 Qualities Of Successful People, and if you don’t make a few changes and see how your business develops over the next few months!


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Peppermint Bark

A few years ago I fell in love with Peppermint Bark. It became a staple around my house during the Holiday’s! But then, the store I use to buy it from stopped carrying it!! And if you are a lover of peppermint bark like I am, you know it is best FRESH and not that prepackaged and old kind. So I figured I would try and make it myself. I had heard it wasn’t that hard to make, and I was surprised to find out that is VERY true. Not only is it easy, it’s also even better as its much fresher! And your kids can help you with making it so it becomes a fun tradition for the whole family! Here is my easy to follow, quick, and delicious recipe for Peppermint Bark. Hope you enjoy!

Peppermint Bark


Ingredients:peppermint bark

12 ounces white chocolate (chopped up if using a chocolate bar)

6 ounces dark chocolate

1 and ½ teaspoon coconut oil

½ teaspoon peppermint extract

4 Candy Canes, crushed (can use more or less)



Place the dark chocolate and ½ teaspoon of oil into a small microwavable bowl. The key with melting chocolate in the microwave is do it slowly, don’t rush! I start out by putting it in for 15-30 second increments and stir each time until it is melted and creamy.

Once it is melted, add in ¼ teaspoon of peppermint extract and stir well. Next, line an 8 inch baking sheet with aluminum foil. Pour the chocolate on the pan and spread evenly. Place the pan in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or in the freezer for 8 minutes.

Next, melt the white chocolate following the same steps as with the dark chocolate (don’t forget to use the oil!). Remember to melt it slowly so as not to burn!

Once it is melted, add in the ¼ teaspoon of peppermint extract and stir. Then remove the dark chocolate from the freezer. Pour the melted white chocolate over the dark and use a spoon or spatula to even it out.

Now, crush up your candy canes! I do mine by putting them in baggies and letting my kids crush them with a rolling pin, or a plastic bowl/cup. Makes its fun for them plus a little help for me! Once the candy canes are crushed, sprinkle them over the white chocolate and return it to the fridge. Leave it in the fridge until it is hard, approximately 20-30 minutes. Once it is hardened, you can break into pieces and enjoy! Store it in the fridge and it will keep for at least 2-3 weeks!


Starting A Business

Many people start a business on a whim. They fell in love with the products, or they saw people making a great income and thought “hey, starting a business is a good idea!” They jump in before taking time to research the company and products, or learn more about the people they are doing business with. It’s an exciting time when you are starting a new business, but step back and think before you join!

starting a business

I have seen people get burned in a business many times because they did not take the time to research it before joining. Often times that can save you a lot of money, and time! When you are new to the work from home industry though, these are things you don’t think of. If you or someone you know is thinking of starting a business, make sure not to rush in and take time to learn all you can before you join. Here are some tips I have picked up over the years.


Starting A Business

  • Is the product consumable. This is something MANY people do not think of but its VERY important! Yes jewelry and bags and clothing are pretty, but do people NEED to buy it every month? Are they going to run out of this product every month? If the product is not consumable, you will not have repeat customers each month. That means you need to go out and find new customers every single month to grow your business and that can be tough. Make sure it’s a product people will keep buying.
  • Is the product something people need. A great thing to think of when picking a product to sell. If your customer was running low on money each month, would they NEED to buy your product? If you have a personal trainer you pay and you find you have to choose between shampoo and your trainer that week, which would you choose? You would choose the product you NEED!
  • Is the product affordable  Even if your product is the BEST product in the world, if people can’t afford it, they won’t buy it! Compare your product to prices at other stores, ask your friends if they find it affordable, and research the price online. Many times companies, especially multi level marketing ones, mark a product price up to make a better profit.
  • Is the product utilizing your entire market This is something I see all the time. People will pick a product to sell that only a small percent of people use. Makeup is a great example, most women use at least 3 makeup products so you are reaching a large market. Kids toys is another example, how many of your friends have kids? Know your market and go for a product that EVERYONE would use. Toothpaste, shampoo, vitamins, etc those type of things that every person no matter age and gender, will use!
  • Is the product and company something you LOVE At the end of the day, I could care less about the thousands of dollars people make in companies. I care about a product that is safe, useful, affordable and that I would LOVE to put my name behind. Many times I see people selling a product that is dangerous or toxic and they don’t care because it’s making them a good income. Or people don’t even use the product they sell, they are just trying to make money. Be a good person! Love the product you use, stand behind it, and make sure it’s safe for others!
  • Does the company have a good reputations? The truth is you will find good and bad reviews on EVERY company out there. You can’t please everyone, but look for the general reviews. Check out the Better Business Bureau, talk to current customers, research the company. I personally know of FIVE companies being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for practices that are unethical. One of those companies is in major debt and raising prices on customers. Another is targeting women in and making false claims on incomes. One is being sued! The point is, you need to make sure the company is debt free, treats people well, and is not facing fines that could shut it down!

These are just a few things to think about before starting a business. Its great to fall in love with a product, but sometimes its better to stay a customer then jump into the business side of things. I personally love eating out, but that doesn’t mean I should open my own restaurant….I would be horrible at that haha. Research, make a pros/cons list, ask family and friends for their advice, and take your time. Never ever ever just jump into a business on a whim! Protect yourself, your finances, and your time!