Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

The moment every parent dreads….the stomach bug!!! If your kids have not been in school or exposed to other kids much, you are lucky!! Nothing is worse than the horrible stomach bug, especially when your kids are little! My family has been very blessed in that my kids have mostly gotten sinus problems or random sickness that was NOT the stomach bug. It has really only hit my house 3 times in almost 7 years of being a Mom so that is really good! But as all parent’s know who have experienced it…one time is one time to many! But I’m excited to say I finally found a way to stop it in it’s tracks!! This is how you can stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal!!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Let me start out by saying, kids get sick all the time! Especially when they are young as they don’t understand germs, washing their hands, covering their mouths, etc. Some people are born with an amazing immune system that can combat anything, but others get sick when they have those lovely germs rubbed on them. I talked to a few teachers and they all agreed that under 3rd grade, they constantly have kids out each week sick (One school in my area had over 75 middle school kids out with a stomach bug). They sneeze on each other, hug each other, share snacks and drinks, come to school sick, touch the same school supplies…it’s germ central! As a parent, you can try and boost your child’s immune system, but most the time the first few years of school are just rough. And for some parents, it’s year after that! My poor Mom did all she could to keep me healthy yet I would end up in the hospital from stomach bugs pretty often. So parent’s, if your kids are constantly getting sick….don’t beat yourself up! I know kids with super healthy parents and lifestyles who are sick all the time. I know kids who eat junk food at every meal and never get sick. Each child is different but after talking with multiple Mom’s, Teachers, Nurses, Registered Dietitian, and a Physicians Assistant the general conclusion is kid’s will get sick often when in elementary school!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Of course there are a few things you can do to help. Healthy eating and exercise is key! Avoid processed foods, foods high in sugar, and junk food. Fruits and vegetables are hard for kids sometimes but you can sneak them in smoothies, spaghetti sauce, and soups! My kids do a smoothie for breakfast, a sandwich, yogurt, and organic fruit snack for lunch, and popcorn and fruit when they get home from school. Along with healthy foods, you also can give kids probiotics which help boost their immune system. Here are a few helpful articles on probiotics, plus some good ones to pick.

Probiotics For Kids



I personally also use an immune boosting essential oil blend. That has been such a huge game changer for my kids! For example, last December my oldest son was sick an entire month, and then passed it to my two younger kids. This December, my daughter got a stomach bug at the beginning of the month (Yay PreK Germs!) that lasted two days….and that was it!!!! We survived December with just that one tiny bug, and thanks to the immune boosting oils, it didn’t go to my boys! Parent’s of multiple kids, you know how hard it is NOT to spread germs from one kid to the other haha, so this was a big accomplishment! Earlier this month, my husband got strep (he works at a hospital so comes in contact with many germs!) We didn’t realize it was strep and by the time he got diagnosed, but the boys got it too! I rubbed the essential oil on myself and my daughter (hers is diluted!) plus had it going in all our diffusers. Now, I need to mention in case you don’t follow my blog often, I have an autoimmune disease. I also found out recently my immune system is pretty much not working at all (Very low sIgA) so of course I just assumed I would be getting the strep too….NOPE!!! My daughter and I both managed to not get it!! Thanks to the power of an immune boosting essential oil!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

I also recently discovered another great home remedy….activated charcoal! I had heard in the past that you can Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal, but also that it was a good detox in case I ate gluten. I bought it, then never ended up using it! I finally got a chance though! My oldest son came down with a high fever, and said he felt very tired. He rested all day, went to bed early, and I hoped he would feel better the next day. NOPE! About 30 minutes after going to bed, he came downstairs and threw up. Now, panic mode set in for me as he had a 103/104 fever all day and with throwing up, he wouldn’t be able to keep the medicine down! After he threw up the second time about 30 minutes later, I started looking up “at home remedies for the stomach bug” and what I came across was the activated charcoal. I read a ton of reviews from others who had used it, plus called my husband to have him ask about it (one of the small benefits of him working at the hospital at that time). Once I finally figured out a dosage, I decided to give it a try as Will had thrown up 5 times in less than 2 hours. I was sure he would throw it up (I mixed it with water and ice) since he hadn’t stopped getting sick….but an hour passed and he kept it down! And his fever was lowering!! I sent him to bed still doubtful and thinking we would be up soon with another trip to the bathroom, but I was wrong! He slept good the entire night and was so excited he didn’t throw up again, he came bounding in my room at 6am to say he wasn’t sick anymore!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

I also took some myself as my stomach began to feel queasy…I’m not sure if I was getting the bug, or just lack of sleep and nerves from him being so sick. But after a day I felt better so I was able to Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal in myself and my son! Plus thanks to my essential oil immune booster, neither of my other kids got it. Again, Mom’s of multiple children you know how rare that is haha. My 2 year old even drank out of big big brothers cup!! I will definitely be keeping it on hand for the future as it stops that stomach bug right in it’s tracks! Activated charcoal works for stomach bugs because it adsorbs the bacteria responsible for the bug, helping you to then treat it and hopefully prevent it from spreading…but don’t just take my word on it, look it up and you’ll see this is a must have item! (100% grape juice is a good prevention method for the stomach bug as the acid in it coats the bag stomach bacteria…prevention though, it won’t work if you are already throwing up).

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Those are my tips on stopping yourself from getting a stomach bug, or what to do help once it starts! Remember kids get sick, so Mom’s, it’s not your fault!! Just do the best you can, try a few different things, and when in doubt, ask your doctor for tips on boosting their immune systems!


*This is not medical advice, just sharing things that have worked for me after consulting our own doctors. Always check with a medical provider first before giving yourself or children any supplements, or holistic medicine*






Monday Musings January 16th

As a Mom, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to go with the flow. Before having kids, I was the type that planned out everything in detail. When I was in college, I had a spreadsheet with which classes I was taking at which time to get me finished with school fastest!! When I was planning my wedding, I had everything I needed to do and by when, written out. Even when “planning” for kids….or our third as that is the only one we planned haha….I had a specific time when I wanted to happen. Of course it didn’t work like that at all haha. Being a Mom has taught me although I may plan, I need to be flexible with the changes!

monday musings

This past weekend I had BIG plans for things I needed to get done, and surprise, NONE of it did! Instead I went with the flow and ended up having a better weekend than I had planned! Learning to let go of control, and focus on what we can do makes all the difference in your attitude!! I got some much needed time with my Dad, and it’s so nice to have a parent you can empty your heart to and always listens and offers any tips they can…without trying to tell you how to live your life! As an adult, I have the hardest time with others tell me what they think I should do, or what they would have done differently. I prefer to ASK and not just have other opinions pushed on me haha. So it ended up being a wonderful weekend…and it gave me a great new blog idea to share too!!!


As a business woman, I learn to make plans, but as a Mom, I know I have to be flexible. Those two things are hard to balance sometimes and I know many other people struggle with that too. My best suggestion is make a plan, but if it does not work out, be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself. At the start of my work week, I sit down and write out the plans for the week. I put everything down on paper, and then I go back and write the day I wish to accomplish each thing based on it’s importance. For example, I love making graphics for my blog and social media accounts, but those make me no income, don’t help my team, and aren’t a required thing. But it’s something I enjoy and you need to enjoy your work! Because of that, I move that item to Friday’s as it’s not required but it still needs to get done!

Eighteen exotic and delicious


When you write out your list of things you want to get done, it allows you to look at each item and ask “Is this a requirement, or just a want?” Focus on the items that need to get done first!! Items that make you the most money for the least amount of work. And then items that will grow your income eventually and over time. I personally also enjoy blog parties, but they are something that goes on my list if I have time….and I usually don’t haha. But someday down the road I will so I keep them on my list as I know they add new viewers to my blog. Make a plan, try to follow it, but be flexible! That is also the reason I do the required items at the start of the week as you never know what may come up. That is also why I exercise first thing in the morning. Due to my health issues, my day can turn rough at any moment but first thing in the morning ensures it gets done with no excuses later!


For this week, make yourself a plan and stick with it as best as you can possibly can!! Remember as  Mom you have to be flexible so if something happens, don’t beat yourself up! As always, just keep trying and have an amazing week!!!




Job Or Hobby

Is your business a hobby or a job? A lot of times I see people start a work from home businesses and they do it just because they love the product. That’s great! That’s when you really know you have something good! When you personally love it, people can tell and you’re selling it not just to make money but because you love and believe in the product. But a lot of times with those people the business is not a job, it’s a hobby. So what is the difference between the two? How do you turn a hobby into a business? How do you know the difference, job or hobby?

Job Or Hobby

job or hobby

It all comes down to how much time you put into your business and how serious you treat it. Do you make it a priority? Do you allow excuses to stop you from getting it done? Are you consistent with it?

A hobby you do from time to time when you can fit it in. That shows it is NOT a priority but something you do when you don’t have other commitments. Hobbies might be things you do once a week, once a month, or once every few months. There is no consistency for many hobbies.

A job, you do every day. It’s a priority. It has to be done consistently or you know you won’t get paid. It’s one your to do list every single week, no matter what!

How you treat it and how much time you devote to it is what determines if your business is a job or a hobby! It comes down to YOU! The main thing to think about when you’rjob or hobbye starting a business or for the business that you already have, is how do you treat it? Do you treat it as a job or do you treat it as a hobby? Start paying attention to how often you work. Do you consider your work something that has to get done everyday and comes first, or is it something you may or may not do this week?

Are you consistent? Can you look back over the past six months and show how much you have worked? Do you track your hours each week to make sure you are working enough? Do you put in extra work when you need to hit a certain income? Does everyone know what your job is, or do they think it’s a hobby?

Remember your business is going to pay you based on how much time and work you put into it. If it’s a hobby, and you’re probably not going to make very much money because most bobbies don’t make that big of an income. In fact most hobbies cost you money! But if it’s a job, then over time with you consistently doing it you should start seeing a full-time income…if you are putting in the hours!


So ask yourself:

  • Is my business a job or a hobby?
  • Do I wanted to pay like a job or a hobby?
  • Am I putting in the work every single week?
  • Do I need to be working more?


It comes down to putting in the time and working consistently….. so if you’re ready to start turning your hobby into a job start putting in more work!


Monday Musings

Today was the first day back to school for my two oldest kids, and WOW!!! I forgot how quiet my house is with just one at home! And how much I am able to get done during his nap time. I feel I got more accomplished in one day than I have the past two weeks!!!!! It’s funny how that works out! Now I finally have time for a Monday Musings!

monday musings


Monday Musings

I have to say, the past few weeks with all my kids home was so much fun! It truly is a blessing to have a job where I can decide not to work for a few weeks. We got to enjoy time with 3 different sets of family, visit a museum, go to a movie, and play fun games together! Just what I needed to start the New Year off right!!


I’m not one for New Year Resolutions, but my goal this year is to focus more on my health. I have learned when I feel good, I am able to be a better mom, wife, friend, business partner, mentor, etc so my goal is to focus more on ME! This will be my selfish year where I don’t take on more than I can handle, tell people NO when I need to, and ask for help. I’m determined to get my health better because I truly miss the old ME! Life is all about choices, and I’m choosing to have a healthy year.

monday musings

Speaking of choices, remember many of our circumstances in life are about choices! If you want to be debt free, have better health, spend more time with your family….make different choices! I get told all the time I’m lucky to work from home, but the truth is it is NOT luck at all, but a choice to make this work so I can have more time with my kids. Make 2017 the year you chose to enjoy life more and reach your goals. At the end of the day, it is all up to YOU!


monday musings



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See you next week for Monday Musings!


Dear 2017

2016 was a very rough year for me. As a personal trainer, it’s hard to watch your body change from strong to weak. As a Mom, its hard to have to tell your kids many days a week that you are sick. As a friend, it’s hard to act like you are fine when the truth is you feel horrible….yet you don’t want to be a burden to people. One of my biggest struggles though is sharing what I’m going through. Most my life I’ve been told I’m a “perky” person and I like that trait….but the health problems have turned me into someone else. It’s a struggle to admit what I’m going through but that’s one thing I want to change in 2017!!! I hope that my story might help someone else who is going through the same thing, to know they are not alone!

unnamed-1Backstory: In March 2016 I had been struggling with some health problems. Fatigue, bruising, sore muscles, nails breaking, hair falling out, etc. A visit to the doctor resulted in the discovery of a nodule on my thyroid. After a rushed trip to the hospital for an ultrasound and the discovery that I did indeed have a lovely lump growing….I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. It is an autoimmune disease that targets your thyroid and attacks it until your thyroid no longer works. Repeat attacks on the thyroid is what caused the lump to form. For those that don’t know, the thyroid stores and produces hormones that affect the function of virtually every organ in our bodies. It’s kinda like the powerhouse of the body and when it doesn’t work well you feel horrible! There is no way to cure an autoimmune disease so instead they treat the damaged thyroid.


I began thyroid replacement treatment in the hopes that would improve my symptoms as the autoimmune disease had put me into hypothyroidism which meant my thyroid wasn’t working as well anymore.  The hypothyroidism can cause many harmful side effects so I also had issues with my reproductive system and now have hormone treatments plus ultrasounds. It also damaged my stomach and we discovered I have something called Barrett’s Esophagus where the lining of your esophagus has been badly damaged and you have a long term risk for esophagus cancer. I currently take a daily acid reducing medicine in the hopes of stopping the damage to my esophagus and will have another biopsy done on it in a few months to see if it has gotten worse. I’ll get to have those for life BUT luckily that put me to sleep, its over in a few minutes, and the recovery is easy!


In the beginning of August, I started having severe sinus infections. In fact, I have currently had 5 since then!!! The reasoning behind that….I’m not sure haha. I did find out I basically have no immune system right now which means I have to be very careful with who I am around as I get sick so easily. I also noticed I began gaining weight, was cold all the time, and has weird pains in my hands and feet. A return for more blood work showed that my thyroid had been damaged even worse than before and which resulted in increase in my medicine plus some more blood work and another ultrasound to see if my lovely little thyroid growth has gotten bigger.


Needless to say, 2016 has been rough! I think the hardest part for me was mentally handling all this. Waking up everyday feeling sick is a lot to handle especially with 3 kids and a husband who isn’t around very much due to his schedule. Before long, I noticed myself feeling depressed. It seemed each time I went to the doctor, they found something else wrong. It was the most frustrating situation as I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor, but now I have FIVE doctors I go to! I understood pretty quickly why many people with an autoimmune disease suffer from depression. A chronic illness is lonely. No one understands how painful it is (physically and mentally) unless they have been there. Gone is your motivation, your perkiness, your desire to socialize. You become someone different.


This has taught me so much though! I’ve learned I’m far stronger than I ever thought. I’ve learned that I have a voice, and even though I hate talking about my weaknesses, I need to! I’ve learned that simply being there for someone who is struggling, is one of the BEST things you can do. I’ve learned to relax more, stop beating myself up, and ask for help. I’ve learned to laugh as much as possible and make good memories. But most importantly, I’ve learned to be thankful. I’m thankful it’s me going through this and not my kids! I’m thankful for a job where I can work from home…if not I would be on disability at this point! I’m thankful for my wonderful tribe of supportive friends. I’m thankful that I’m a fighter!!!


2016 was a very rough year for me…..but 2017 will be amazing. I actually have a tattoo of a Phoenix I got over 12 years ago, and it applies even more now than then! Sometimes you have to be worn down and defeated in order to rise again!


For 2017, I’m taking a lot more time for me and focusing on my health. My husband is taking some time off from college to help me more. I plan to find a doctor that can handle all the issues an autoimmune disease causes, and hopefully focus more on total health. I have a great nutrition plan in place as I follow the paleo diet, and a workout plan that is not too much stress for my body to handle. I can always use extra prayers though so if you don’t mind adding my to your prayer list, I would greatly appreciate it! And if you know anyone with an autoimmune disease, I beg you to reach out to them often and let them know you are praying for them. That simple act could change their whole day. An autoimmune disease is a very depressing, lonely, and overwhelming disease and just giving someone a shoulder to lean on can truly make all the difference for them.


Here is to 2017!!! It may take a little while, but I know it will be amazing!!!