Congestion Relief


One of the worse parts of winter is how you get sick so easily! For me, I have an autoimmune disease so the moment someone within 5 miles of me has a cold, I catch it too! My son also has asthma and the moment he gets a cold, it turns into bad chest congestion. Needless to say I’m a bit crazy about germs and finding natural ways to stay healthy. Any Mom who has experienced their child not being able to breath understands why! It has to be the scariest thing ever! We have gone completely non toxic in our home which has been a HUGE help. My son use to have incidents at least once a month. We have had ONE in the past 7 months! He missed 30 days of school before we went non toxic from getting sick so easily….this year he is 4 months in and hasn’t missed 1 day! I highly recommend looking into toxin free in your home if you or your kids have allergies or asthma!

Congestion Relief

Congestion Relief

Of course even with being non toxic, eating healthier, and great supplements, things still happen! My son has a breathing treatment machine to help with his cough, but sometimes it would not help! The best thing we found was a steam shower to help. I have been a big fan of essential oils for awhile, so I looked into ways to make a “bath bomb” for a steam shower to help even more with the congestion. I wanted something easy, without a lot of ingredients, that helped reduce the congestion quickly. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found one that works! It worked so good, it completely cleared up his congestion and we both we able to get a good night’s sleep! Best part? They are super easy to make! Your kids can even help!

Congestion Relief


Here is how to make them!


1 Cup Baking Soda

1/3 Cup Water

20-30 Drops Essential Oils ( I used Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, and Eucalyptus)

Glass Bowl

Muffin Tin or Silicone Molds


Pour your baking soda and water into a bowl and mix well. It should be very thick. Then add your essential oils. I did about 30 drops total (kinda depends how strong you want it, but remember a little goes a long ways with oils!). You can pick any oil blend, but for congestion, these are my favorite! The mixture should be pretty thick, if its watery, add more baking soda. Once it’s well mixes, pour into the molds. At this point, you can bake it in the oven on 200 degrees for about an hour, or let them sit out and harden over a 24 hour period. I always bake mine as I’m not patient!

Congestion Relief

After they have hardened, you can start using them right away! I just toss one or two in the shower and the steam and oils together are like magic! I like to make a big batch and store them in mason jars or bags and that way when a cold comes…..I’m ready!!!

More about Essential Oils:

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Christmas Shopping Catalog

As the Holiday season approaches, my goal at Work from Home Mom’s is to educate everyone on what a difference can be made when you shop more from Small Business Owners!  We can help you accomplish that with the Christmas Shopping Catalog!


The Christmas Shopping Catalog!

Did you know that over 17 MILLION Americans work in direct sales businesses???? That’s a lot of people!!! We as Americans spend an average of $603 BILLION during the Holiday Season. Now imagine if that money was going toward the average Family instead of a CEO buying his 5th vacation home!


That money could be helping a family afford presents for their kids!  54% of the Holiday Buying is done online anyway, so do it through a small business owner! Use of Christmas Shopping Catalog to help you with your shopping and find a great gift for everyone on your list!!!


I encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this Holiday Season, and ask your friends and family do the same!! To make it easier for you to find them, here is a great list of some of the amazing products you can get!!! Feel free to share this amazing Catalog with everyone you know! The more people who buy from small business owners, the more money goes back into our economy. A win for everyone this Holiday Season and easy to do with our Christmas Shopping Catalog!


View Our Christmas Catalog 2017 Please share this article with others so we can encourage more people to shop small businesses this Holiday!


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How To Succeed At Working From Home

If anyone ever tells you building a work from home business is easy, they are most likely lying!! It’s very hard, but it’s also very rewarding. I have people tell me all the time how “lucky” I am but luck plays NO part at all. It’s about hard work, having a no excuse attitude, and following through. Unfortunately many people aren’t successful working from home because it does require you to motivate yourself….and that can be hard! My first work from home job was as a personal trainer, and with that I learned pretty quickly that most people need someone else to motivate them in order for them to succeed. With a work from home job, you are your own boss! That means working, or not working, relies 100% on you!

How To Succeed At Working From Home

How To Succeed At Working From Home

When you are at home all day, it can be easy to get distracted too! That book you wanted to read is calling your name, one more episode on Netflix can’t hurt, scrolling through social media will only take a minute….but before you know it, the whole day has passed by and you got no work done! This is something I hear from people all the time! Or, they spend time doing things they think is work, but it’s really not! One of my best tips is to sit down one day every week, and plan out when you are doing to work, what you need to get done, and how many hours you are going to work. Put activities at the top that make you income! Next follow it by items that could make you income. End it with activities that don’t bring in income. This way, you always get done the things that will bring you money! For me, I love to blog but that doesn’t bring me much income, so it’s always the last item on my list. Sure it might be fun, but If I want to work from home, I have to make an income so that means income producing activities first!


Having a planner can help a ton with scheduling yourself. Here are two of my favorites, Bloom Planner and Academic Planner. I like planners because I can sit down and write what I need to do, plus it allows me to keep everything in one area! I use to keep my kids stuff on one calendar and my work stuff on another….but that was just way too confusing for me! One spot makes it much easier! If you noticed, I use cheap planners because all I need is a space to write, and none of the fancy other items. Plus I want a small one so I can fit it in my purse when I go to appointments.


Another thing I recommend is having an accountability partner when you first get started working from home. Not everyone needs this. Me personally, I’m very good at motivating myself. I did most my college online, hold four certifications in fitness which I did all from home, and built a very successful personally training business online. It’s important to know you own strengths and weaknesses. I’m good at motivating myself, but I’m not good at getting out and meeting new people. That’s something I work on each week as it’s important with a client based job that you keep bringing in new people. To help myself with that, I take my kids to multiple activities plus go to different parks to meet people. I also have goal of starting a networking group in my area soon. Knowing what you are good at and what you need to work on will really help you succeed. If staying on track, working each day, and being productive is something you struggle with, ask for help! I have a few people I check in with a few time a week to see how their work has gone! Never be afraid to ask when you need help.


Here are a few more tips to be successful working from home:

  1. Participate in training’s. As with any business, to be successful you need to keep learning.
  2. Share your business with your spouse or a close friend. Telling someone else your goals makes it easier to achieve them.
  3. Pick a time each week to plan out what you are going to do on each day.
  4. Keep a to do list of the activities you need to do. Make sure to put income producing activities at the top.
  5. Set work hours each day. Do not login to social media sites! Just focus on work and work only!
  6. Ask someone to help you by checking in every few days to see what you have done.
  7. Be honest with yourself. If you business is not moving forward, is it because YOU aren’t doing the right activities?
  8. Don’t let excuses stand in your way. Every person has obstacles in life, but the successful ones don’t let those become an excuse.
  9. Know your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve.
  10. Keep working! Don’t take off for weeks and months, that will set your business backwards and teach your team you aren’t someone to rely on. Lead by example and put in a little work each day.


Working from home can be tough, but anyone can be successful as long as they try and put in the work! I have seen people have crazy hardships come their way, yet they didn’t let that stop them! I have seen people withe very reason to quit, refuse to, and succeed instead! I myself struggle most days as I suffer from an autoimmune disease and am sick quite often….yet I let that drive me to succeed in order to show people, nothing can stop you if you are determined!


Fab Hair For Mom’s

Mom life usually means you are running in a gazillion different directions, on little sleep, with lots on your mind. Gone are the days where all you had to worry about was going to the gym after work, or going out with your friends. Now, I have a to do list in every room so I can remember all that has to be done! With all we have to do, there is little time left for US! I don’t know about you, but in my house, the kids get new clothes multiple times a year while I still wear stuff from before having kids! (I won’t even tell you how old my kids are so you won’t laugh at the age of some of my clothes!!) And let’s not forget the Mom bun! Most of us are pros at rocking that look! I don’t mind most of the time, but if I could find an easy and cheap way to look put together in 5 minutes, I am all for it!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom’s

My good friend Brittany contacted me with a perfect solution! She works for a company called Lilla Rose which is amazing hair accessories! Items ranging from fancy bobby pins, to clips to headbands. A little of everything! Their goal is to help people have put together hair pretty quickly……and it looks super stylish! I was excited to do a product review as most Mom’s are always throwing their hair up in a rushed, messy, bun. For me, whenever I do that, I always notice hair falling out with the hair-tie, or hair getting broken. What’s a Mom to do though?!?! We can’t spend time everyday styling our hair! These great hair accessories take all the work out!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's

The one I am reviewing is called the Flexi Clip! It can be worn in multiple different ways from a half ponytail, to a full ponytail, a braid, even a bun! They come in 6 different sizes….which means they are also perfect for kids!! It definitely takes the boring ponytail, and gives it more LIFE! It also was super easy to do! Just brush your hair and stick  it in! They even have a whole section on their website with VIDEOS to show you how to size, different styles, and how to do your hair!! I don’t know about you, but when something is that easy, and looks that great, it’s a must have for me! Plus, no more breaking of your hair, no more pulling your hair out, no more popping hair ties when you put them in, and it gives you a more put together look! I also love these as I am NOT a hair and makeup person, but my 6 year old daughter loves looking girly! Thanks to those videos, I have a ton of new ideas on how to do her hair, and they are all super easy! I recommend everyone giving these a try….especially if you are a busy Mom like me who doesn’t have much time on your hands. And if you have girls who love having their hair done!


Fab Hair For Moms

Fab Hair For Moms

There is also a great business opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra cash. They have three different price point options for you to get started with that all include things like catalogs, hair accessories, business cards, style sheets and more. Of course what you get in your kit depends on which kit you buy but what I thought was really cool, was you get at least 20 different hair accessories which is over 50% off! So even if you just wanted the product discount, the business kit is a good deal!

Fab Hair For Mom'sHere are some awesome benefits from working with this company:

  1. Free Personalized Website
  2. Starting Commission of at Least 30%
  3. Beautiful Ready, Set, Style business kit with a value of $300 in accessories, business materials, start up guide and Stylist Manual.
  4. No minimum sales requirement to begin earning.
  5. No Fees
  6. No Inventory Requirement
  7. Yearly sales requirement of only $30 to remain active.
  8. Free Weekly Training Calls
  9. Responsive and Supportive Home Office
  10. Supportive, Helpful, Highly Active Stylist Facebook Groups


22751927_10214240929287818_1542564104_nHere is a little about my friend Brittany and why she picked this company to work with….I love her story!


“I became a stylist for Lilla Rose in December of 2013, with encouragement from my mother in law who was a stylist and thought it would be fun to do together. She has given me a Flexi clip, and I quickly fell in love with it! I’ve never been great at doing my hair, so having pretty clips that were comfortable and easy to use was perfect for me. I could do a simple hairstyle with a gorgeous Flexi and it looked cute with minimal effort! The flexies didn’t break my hair like elastic bands did, and they were way more comfortable than my plastic claw clips. My mother in law and I did lots of craft shows together and it was SO much fun. Over the years I’ve grown to love all of the other accessories and the business part too. Since having my first baby in January, my little business is helping me be able to work from home and be with my son. He comes with me to craft shows and home parties, and he’s usually on my lap for live videos on my Facebook group. He’s my adorable little sidekick!”

How great is that? A fun job where you can take your kid with you to work!

Brittany has been so kind as to offer a FREE Flexi Clip to one of our followers! Here are the steps to enter to win!

Join her private group HERE

Fill Out this form HERE

And pick which style is your favorite from her website HERE and post it in her group!

Follow those steps and you will be entered to WIN!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's


Survey’s That Pay


Everyone asks if you can really get paid to take survey’s and the answer is YES!!! Most time’s the way it works is you sign up, provide information about yourself and your life, and the provider will send you survey’s that you qualify for. Now keep in mind, you often get paid based on the length of the survey. Most times it’s $1 for every 10 minutes. Its not a lot of money, but if you really need extra cash, you can do this vs playing candy crush.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Also, you have to wait for them to send you survey’s so its great to sign up with a few different providers, you just want to make sure they are legit ones!!

My favorites are: ((click the survey name to sign up))

Survey Savvy 

Paid View Point


Inbox Dollars

Fusion Cash

Cash Crate

Phone Apps That Pay:

Dosh (cell phone app for discounts and cash back on purchases. Link your credit card to get cash back right away)

Ibotta  (discounts and cash back on groceries at your choice of stores!)


One of the great things is you can usually do these from your phone, and you can also share them with other people too!!!

Another thing I love is Survey Savvy usually has an opportunity for you to participate in a study program. For instance right now, by letting them monitor your shopping habits for 6 weeks, you can earn $150. That’s a nice chunk of change just for letting them watch what you buy (as long as you dont buy illegal things online lol).

Now Swagbucks is a tad different in that you get paid for doing surveys, taking polls, and other tasks. Also for shopping!!

Go sign up for these, especially Survey Savvy right now so you can participate in their Holiday Bonus!!!