Mom Mom Mom

I hear from people all the time that the most annoying words in their home are “Mom Mom Mom”. Being a Mom is HARD and often time my friends ask how I am such a good Mom. The truth is, I’m NOT!

Mom Mom Mommom mom mom

My kids socks don’t always match.

I call them the wrong name some days.

They don’t get dessert every night.

Grilled cheese is one of the favorite dinners in our house.

Many days they hang out in time out.

I forget to send in ice cream money.

Sometimes we do homework the morning it’s due.

Most days I’m lucky if they eat one serving of fruit or vegetables.

My kids do chores and hate it.

Our sink is usually full of dishes.

Twice a year my ENTIRE house looks perfect.

I’m the mom always wearing yoga pants.

Both my boys get their hair cut by me to say a few bucks.

I don’t buy frivolous toys at the Holidays just to have more under the tree.

My kids aren’t allowed to take electronics out of the house to bribe them to behavior, they use mom mom

I force them to play outside every day.

I make them say please and thank you.

If they misbehave in a store, we leave!! I don’t reward them with a toy to be good.

Granola bars have been a breakfast food many days.

We don’t have soda in our house.

I forget to rsvp to parties and events.

Toys are all over my house.

Occasionally I forget to sign school papers or send in the needed supplies.

mom mom mom

I am not a perfect Mom. My kids say “Mom Mom Mom” a gazillion times a day. But everyday I try. I love my kids more than anything and put their needs above my home. They are healthy, happy, and loved. At the end of the day, that is all that truly matters!


Stay Home

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!! I can’t believe November is half way over almost…wow that went fast!! I’ve spent the past 8 days fighting a cold that was actually a really bad sinus infection! Number one lesson I learned….stay home! Don’t try and do too much when sick, even when you are a busy Mom haha. The worst part was it turned into a horrible cough, and we all know coughs are worse at night. Needless to say I haven’t slept much in the past week but I think I’m finally getting better today!! Or at least I’m hoping I am….positive thinking! I got the privilege or trying pretty much every way to cure a cough last week though and came to the conclusion I am immune to all of them haha. But hey, it was a learning experience!

Stay Home

I used this sick time to do something I never do…stay home! I read a few books, watched some Gilmore Girls, and spent lots of time coloring with my kids! We even pulled out the Christmas movies early and got a start on watching those as much as we could. It’s been a very relaxing few days, and that’s something I always forget to do. I’m one of those people who likes to go, go, go all the time. Which isn’t the best for my health issues, but that’s just my personality. We were supposed to go to the Zoo on Friday, but instead I sat at the doctor then the pharmacy for hours. I was so bummed, but my husband reminded me it’s ok to just stay home sometimes. You would think as a work from home Mom I would do that, but the truth is I am always on the go! As Mom’s we need to remember that it’s ok to just relax sometimes, let the laundry pile up, eat leftovers, and relax for a few days! That is something I myself have to work more on!

stay home

This week, if I continue to get better, I plan to release a blog about what to look for in a work from home job and WHY you should always research before joining a company. I recently came across a few people claiming to make a great income from home, but when asked to show business reports, they had yet to earn anything! Please be honest with people, if you haven’t started making an income, that’s ok, just say it! Never lie as it’s a bad way to start your business.


I have big plans for promoting small businesses this Holiday Season! If you haven’t already, head over and get our Christmas Catalog and join or private Shopping Event! These are great ways to buy from small business owners this Holiday. Here are some other things I would like to do to help you shop more from small business owners…

stay home

Black Friday- I will be featuring Black Friday Deals here starting on November 24th. If you would like to have your deals featured, please email me at I’m happy to feature as many as I can, I just ask you make sure to shop from small business owners yourself!

Small Business Saturday- Stay home this Holiday and shop online from Small Business Owners! I’ll be featuring Saturday Deals here and on our Facebook Page. Email me to have your deals included.

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As you can see, we want everyone to stay home and shop small business owners this Holiday so we are happy to promote your deals as much as possible. The only request….please try to shop small businesses yourself! I’m going to feature a few people who shopped small businesses for most of their Holiday Gifts. If that’s you, please send me an email so I can feature you here on the web and on our facebook page!

Here are a few links to check out today while you drink your coffee!

Christmas Catalog

Social Media Etiquette PLEASE READ haha

Staying Health During Winter

Work From Home Moms Facebook Page


I hope everyone has a blessed day!



Social Media Etiquette

The Internet makes people feel they have a free pass for being rude because many people lack social media etiquette.

We ignore people, don’t say thank you for compliments, stop using manners, type like we are in 1st grade, lack of grammar, lack of kindness etc

Social Media Etiquette Needs To Improve

social media etiquetteThe Internet is such an amazing resource. It allows us to quickly find out information,  reconnect with old friends, find discounts and deals, and order many items we need. But do you ever feel it has also ruined us as a society? Many people have a lack of social media etiquette. As a small business owner, I personally love the Internet, but I’ve noticed it’s given people a free pass to throw their manners out the window!

Recently I gave someone a compliment, they didn’t even say thank you!!

I invited someone to a Birthday Party, they didn’t even respond!

I had an appointment for an interview for someone to work with me, they didn’t answer the phone or respond to my email!

I messaged a friend asking if I could help her promote her new business, no response! Not even a “thank you for the offer to help”

I was asked to offer assistance at an event, I responded saying I would be happy to help and what were the details, no response!

I had someone email me their resume and when we set up a time to chat, they didn’t respond.

I shared someone’s new business to over 45,000 fans, they didn’t even bother to thank me!

No social media etiquette!

social media etiquette

I’m completely astounded by the lack of manners people show when it comes to the Internet. The same manners we use in person, need to be present online too! If your friend walked up to you at a store and said “You look gorgeous today” you wouldn’t turn and walk away, you would say THANK YOU!

If you called and invited a friend to a party, she wouldn’t hang up on you, she would say yes or no….not completely ignore you!

If you had requested information about a job, you would say THANK YOU for the application, use proper grammar, and show up on time to your interview.

The Internet is not a free pass to be rude and use the grammar and spelling of a 1st grader. We need to make sure we utilize the internet to our advantage and still use social media etiquette. The internet is an opportunity to reconnect, build relationships, and find amazing opportunities. Not be rude and show a lack of manners! I know for a fact you wouldn’t ignore someone if they walked up to you, so don’t do it on the Internet! Even if it’s a friend being annoying and asking you to check out their new magic product, a simple “no thank you” works great. Ignoring them is just rude! Use social media etiquette, most of us know what that is.

Remember, treat communication on the Internet the same as you would in person and you will see your relationships improve and find new amazing opportunities! Social media etiquette requires the exact same manners you were taught as child and use in person!

Job tip: If you apply for a job and do not use proper grammar, are rude, or don’t show up for your appointment….you just blew that job. Be professional even in your pj’s!


The Christmas Gift Guide

As the Holiday season approaches, my goal at Work from Home Mom’s is to educate everyone on what a difference can be made when you shop more from Small Business Owners!  We can help you accomplish that with the Christmas Gift Guide.

christmas gift

The Christmas Gift Guide

Did you know that over 17 MILLION Americans work in direct sales businesses???? That’s a lot of people!!! We as Americans spend an average of $603 BILLION during the Holiday Season. Now imagine if that money was going toward the average Family instead of a CEO buying his 5th vacation home!


That money could be helping a family afford present for their kids!  54% of the Holiday Buying is done online anyway, so do it through a small business owner! Use of Christmas Gift Guide to help you with your shopping.


I encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this Holiday Season, and ask your friends and family do the same!! To make it easier for you to find them, here is a great list of some of the amazing products you can get!!! Feel free to share this amazing Catalog with everyone you know! The more people who buy from small business owners, the more money goes back into our economy. A win for everyone this Holiday Season and easy to do with our Christmas Gift Guide!


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Online Holiday Shopping Event


Staying Healthy During The Winter

Winter is the time of year most people get sick. Especially kids that are in school. And then they bring home those germs, and your whole family gets sick. This was my house last year. We basically spent the whole month of December with at least one person being sick. Christmas Day, we had four out of five people in our house sick! After that experience, I began to look into ways to stay healthy during the winter. As a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, I would much prefer to prevent sickness before it happens, and I learned a lot of great tips.

Staying Healthy During The Winter

Staying healthy during the winter

If your kids are young and in school or daycare, you especially are at a higher risk of having germs in your home. Have you ever been around a bunch of young kids? One sneezes and doesn’t cover their mouth, those germs get on toys, and all the other kids touch them. My oldest is 6 and every time he coughs I insist he covers his mouth, yet he still forgets. It’s just part of being a kid, they don’t think about germs…..until they are sick! I try and teach them from the start to cover your mouth and then immediately wash hands, but it’s especially hard for them when they are at school. Plus with many schools have only a certain amount of days kids can be out, parents end up sending them to school even when they are sick. It’s hard to keep everyone health and learn at the same time.


Staying healthy during the winterStaying healthy during the winter is especially hard when you have more than one child as kids share those germs so quickly! As soon as one gets sick, it’s usually only a matter of time before they pass it on. Prevention is key, and there is a lot you can do the stop the sickness before it begins.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water. Stay hydrated as it helps flush out toxins, but can also break up mucus when you get a cold. Getting kids to drink water can be hard, so sometimes I put some fruit in theirs to make it fun. I personally struggle with drinking water when it’s cold so I do a lot of hot tea.
  2. Exercise. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also reduces stress which weakens your immune system. Its hard to exercise during the winter, so do a fun dance party with your kids. Or make a fun obstacle course inside. You have tons of great ways to move your body as a family.
  3. Vitamins. Many people think they get enough vitamins from their food, but the truth is our soil is depleted so we don’t receive enough vitamins. Make sure your family all takes a good multi vitamin. NOT generic store brands as those do more harm than good and usually have a less than 10% absorption rate. My family uses vitamins with a 85% or higher absorption rate and you can get them here
  4. Clean Your Hands. Germs are everywhere, so don’t forget to wash your hands! Just plain soap and water does the job. Using antibacterial soaps is NOT a good idea as many of those actually kill the good bacteria your body needs to fight the germs.
  5. Air Out Your Home. Did you know that when you spray that bathroom cleaner that gives you a migraine, it can linger in your home for up to a year?!?! That means you and your family are constantly breathing in those fumes. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Open your windows and air our your home. You can also get plants that detoxify your air like the Boston Fern or the Peace Lily.
  6. Boost Your Immune System. A healthy immune system can really help you from not getting sick. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and low in sugar. I personally use an essential oil blend that boosts your immune system and it has worked WONDERS for my kids! I get it HERE
  7. Sleep. This is something that you need to stay healthy. The average person doesn’t get enough sleep and that is when your body recharges itself. Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. More for kids as their little bodies require more rest than we do! Rest is best for a healthy life.
  8. Have A Healthy Gut. Your gut is extremly important for health and having a good immune system. If you aren’t taking a probiotic, get a good one!! I love mine, but for kids you can also do yogurt instead. Gut healthy is very important so make sure to not forget that part.
  9. Kick Out The Toxic Cleaners. Did you know ammonia is the number one cause of respiratory problems? How about the fact that asthma has risen by over 100% in the last 20 years. Toss out those nasty cleaners that are in fact banned in many other countries because of the damage they do to our health!! Go toxin free, it’s very easy to do and you will actually save money each month. Here is an easy way to kick out the toxins.
  10. Reduce Stress. This is a hard one, but stress opens your body up to sickness so keep it as far away as you can. Find fun things to do, laugh as much as you can, and spend time with the people you love. Stress is part of life, but there are many ways to reduce it such as yoga, relaxing with a good book, and essential oils.

staying healthy during the winter

Staying healthy during the winter is hard to do, but with these tips it will be much easier for you. Remember these steps and have your healthiest winter yet!