Put Your Positive Pants On!

I try to be a very positive person. I feel like the more positive you are in life, the more you can enjoy life! And I for one like to enjoy life!! In fact, most my life I’ve been told how I’m always smiling, laughing, looking for the positive, being perky etc. I’m just an all around happy person for the most part!!! I try and also teach others to look for that positivity too….sometimes it hides, but it is always there!!!

Plus, no matter how bad we think we have it, there is usually somebody that has it for work. So because of that I try to always be positive and find the joy in each difficult situation. The last few months it has been a little harder for me to do that with some problems with my health. When you’re a positive person and you suddenly start feeling bad all the time, it begins to weigh down your mood. To be honest thought, not just weigh it down, totally change it!

I found myself turning into someone I don’t know. Instead of being a positive person I was starting to be a very negative person. I begin to feel sorry for myself and question why I was going through this and what was the reason behind all of these things happening! The other day, I went in for a medical procedure hoping to find answers as to a problem I was having. The doctor had a good idea what was wrong and it would be an easy fix once we got it confirmed. But unfortunately the complete opposite happened during the procedure! They actually found out that what the doctor thought was wrong was NOT wrong, but I had a different problem altogether that we weren’t expecting!!! I have to admit I argued with the doctor after that just to make sure that he was sure haha. Not my best moment!!!

I found myself questioning AGAIN why is this happening to me?? Why do I keep having these problems?? Why can’t I just get better??

And then….my, myself, and I decided to have a little pep talk! I told myself that I could continue looking for the negative and questioning why this was happening and how difficult it was making my life. Or I could laugh and say “Okay here’s Just Another Mountain I’m going to climb up and I’ll have a great story once we get this all figured out!.” In fact, maybe my struggles will help someone else!!! Maybe the fact that I have a social media presence, will allow someone going through the same thing, to read my story and feel like they aren’t alone!! Because that is the hardest part of being sick all the time….even with a ton of people around you, you feel alone!

Sometimes life throws you hurdles that you aren’t expecting, but what we can control is our attitude. I’m not always the best at controlling my attitude and looking on the positive side, but that’s something I really work for because I want my kids to learn from me, and hopefully inspire others!


Here is to this new mountain……I am ready to climb!!!!


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