Skinny Puppy Chow 


This is a healthy and delicious treat that everyone in your family is going to love!! Toddlers, kids, teens and adults will be devouring this one!!  Make sure to make a double portion so you have enough to share with everyone.

Puppy Chow Recipe 




Protein Cookie Dough

I am a huge fan of desserts, but as a busy Mom and a fitness professional I need them to be healthy. This is one of my favorite treats that keeps me on track, but also satisfies my sweet tooth. Only problem is, my kids try and steal it haha. Make extra!!


Protein Cookie Dough Recipe





Skinny Peanut Butter Cookiespb cookies


I LOVE cookies and anything with peanut butter and chocolate!

This fabulous recipe gives you a cookie for only 36 calories!





Chocolate Banana Muffins12804669_10153532241969576_4376613938065339313_n


These are my go to item for my kids for breakfast every morning! They are

easy, delicious, healthy, and can be frozen! A win win for this busy, health





Protein Pancakes1010850_10151573135069576_436628613_n


These are so easy to make, and delicious too!

Woo doesn’t like pancakes that are loaded with protein?

They taste great, are healthy, easy to make, and keep you

full til lunch! Not to mention…you can freeze them too!!






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