Save Money Working From Home

I am a big fan of saving money. I started living on my own before finishing high school so I learned a lot at an early age. Then when my husband and I got married, we alternated who worked and who went to school. For the entire time of our relationship, we’ve been a one income family. That meant I had to get very creative with money saving. When I finished college and was trying to decide if I could stay home or needed to return to work, I became great at writing out costs. Did you know…you actually SAVE money by working from home?!?!

Save Money Working From Home

Making money working from home is great, but something people don’t often realize is how much you save money by working at home too!!! Here are a few ways I am able to save money by working from home. Next time you go over your budget, think of these things and see if working from home might be a good option for you and your family!


5 Ways I Save Money Working From Home

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  • No professional wardrobe or dry cleaning (average savings approx. $1200)
  • No spending money on gas to get to and from work each day (average savings, approx. $1500)
  • No having to pay for childcare (average savings with 3 kids, approx. $14,400)
  • Save money on food since I’m home to cook each meal (average savings approx. $875)
  • Tax Write Offs: If you have a home office, part of your mortgage, internet and utilities can be written off at tax time (average savings approx. $3,600)


Saving money is great, but having more TIME for my kids, family, and life is something that is truly priceless. Make a few cuts here and there if you can and see if working from home may be a better option for you and your family.


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