Spring Cleaning Tips

I absolutely love Spring!! It is my favorite time of the year. I love all the new life you see outside, the feeling of sun on your skin, and the hours your kids can play outside. Only thing I dislike about Spring…..Spring Cleaning!! I want to be outside in the Sun, not stuck inside cleaning! Yet it has to be done. Especially as winter usually brings some sort of germs into a home, and most houses don’t get aired out often! I do the Spring Cleaning, but I want it done as quick as possible so I can get outside to the beautiful Spring Weather!! I put together some of my favorite Spring Cleaning Tips so you too can get your home clean, and then get on to enjoying Spring!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Don’t try to clean your entire home in a day! Instead break it up over a week and tackle different things each day. Make a list as it will help you not forget things, stay on track, and get done faster. For example, one day I wash all the bedding, sheets, pillows, and clean the carpets and beds at the same time.
    1. Fun cleaning tip…you can clean your mattress by using 5 tablespoons baking soda and mixing 5 drops Lavender essential oil then spreading over your mattress. Leave it on for a few hours then vacuum off!
    2. Wash your pillows twice a year at least! I throw them in with just my detergent, but other people recommend using 1 cup baking soda along with it!
  2. Ask your family to help! Kids need to learn how to do chorues, be responsible, and upkeep their space! Base the chorus on their age. For example my 2 year old picks up his room and all the toys. He also is good at helping clean the windows (they end up with streaks but hey, its a learning process!). My 6 year old helps with his laundry, and my 5 year old empties the dishwasher….kids can help, it might not be perfect but it will get there as they get older and as a Mom trying to clean, every little bit helps!
  3. Air out your house while you clean!! This is sooooo important for all those with kids. In fact, did you know stay at home Mom’s have a higher rate of cancer BECAUSE they breathe in cleaning product fumes in a home all day?? YES! Anything you spray lingers for a year! My best suggestion is go toxin free, but even then, its nice to air your home out! Leave the windows open, turn on the fans, and get some plants that help improve the air quality. This is very very very important and the reason so many kids have asthma, allergies, hormone disruption, and other health conditions hardly heard of 30 years ago.
  4. Make it fun….yes I said it, the word fun on a post about cleaning haha. But it can be! I turn up my music, make it a game for my kids (whoever cleans their room faster gets a special afternoon activity!!), and focus on the positive such as how clean our home will be!! And that I don’t have to do this again for awhile haha.
  5. Get rid of stuff as you go!! This is a huge one for my house…we just came up with 7 huge bags to donate! We go through old clothes, toys they don’t play with etc to find things we don’t need and others may like. It also makes for less stuff you have to pick up!
  6. Clean the toys….just throw them in a laundry bag or pillow case….germs and gunk are all over toys as kids often forget to wash their hands.
  7. Don’t forget to clean things like your baseboards, air vents, and screens! I’m also one who likes to wipe down my walls…but then again I am a bit crazy about cleaning!


Have fun with your Spring Cleaning and make sure to leave your favorite tips for me in the comments section!





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