Stay Home

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!! I can’t believe November is half way over almost…wow that went fast!! I’ve spent the past 8 days fighting a cold that was actually a really bad sinus infection! Number one lesson I learned….stay home! Don’t try and do too much when sick, even when you are a busy Mom haha. The worst part was it turned into a horrible cough, and we all know coughs are worse at night. Needless to say I haven’t slept much in the past week but I think I’m finally getting better today!! Or at least I’m hoping I am….positive thinking! I got the privilege or trying pretty much every way to cure a cough last week though and came to the conclusion I am immune to all of them haha. But hey, it was a learning experience!

Stay Home

I used this sick time to do something I never do…stay home! I read a few books, watched some Gilmore Girls, and spent lots of time coloring with my kids! We even pulled out the Christmas movies early and got a start on watching those as much as we could. It’s been a very relaxing few days, and that’s something I always forget to do. I’m one of those people who likes to go, go, go all the time. Which isn’t the best for my health issues, but that’s just my personality. We were supposed to go to the Zoo on Friday, but instead I sat at the doctor then the pharmacy for hours. I was so bummed, but my husband reminded me it’s ok to just stay home sometimes. You would think as a work from home Mom I would do that, but the truth is I am always on the go! As Mom’s we need to remember that it’s ok to just relax sometimes, let the laundry pile up, eat leftovers, and relax for a few days! That is something I myself have to work more on!

stay home

This week, if I continue to get better, I plan to release a blog about what to look for in a work from home job and WHY you should always research before joining a company. I recently came across a few people claiming to make a great income from home, but when asked to show business reports, they had yet to earn anything! Please be honest with people, if you haven’t started making an income, that’s ok, just say it! Never lie as it’s a bad way to start your business.


I have big plans for promoting small businesses this Holiday Season! If you haven’t already, head over and get our Christmas Catalog and join or private Shopping Event! These are great ways to buy from small business owners this Holiday. Here are some other things I would like to do to help you shop more from small business owners…

stay home

Black Friday- I will be featuring Black Friday Deals here starting on November 24th. If you would like to have your deals featured, please email me at I’m happy to feature as many as I can, I just ask you make sure to shop from small business owners yourself!

Small Business Saturday- Stay home this Holiday and shop online from Small Business Owners! I’ll be featuring Saturday Deals here and on our Facebook Page. Email me to have your deals included.

Cyber Monday- All day Monday on our Facebook page we will be sharing deals! Make sure to message the page or email at


As you can see, we want everyone to stay home and shop small business owners this Holiday so we are happy to promote your deals as much as possible. The only request….please try to shop small businesses yourself! I’m going to feature a few people who shopped small businesses for most of their Holiday Gifts. If that’s you, please send me an email so I can feature you here on the web and on our facebook page!

Here are a few links to check out today while you drink your coffee!

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Social Media Etiquette PLEASE READ haha

Staying Health During Winter

Work From Home Moms Facebook Page


I hope everyone has a blessed day!



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