Stay On Track

Life is crazy busy. Do you ever sit down and think “Wow, where did the day go”…or the month…or a year! I know I do!! It’s a struggle to stay on track! It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to have my first child, and now he is almost 7 and I have 2 more kids!! The months I was pregnant with him seemed to drag on, but since then it’s been non stop on the go!

Stay On Track

For most Mom’s, life is hectic so its hard to stay on track with your goals. Whether they are fitness related, business related, health related…it’s hard!! You set these awesome goals, and before you know it time has passed and you are no closer to hitting them. So what do you do? Well, for starters, don’t beat yourself up! Even the most put together Mom has trouble staying on track! I’m great about working my business, but you better believe I always have a huge pile of laundry at my house that needs to get done.


Comparing yourself to someone else is the worse thing to do. Instead focus on you and your personal goals as everyone has different issues in their life and different ideas as to how to stay on track. Here are a few of mine that I find work great!

Stay On Track

  1. Have an accountability partner. When someone else knows your goals, its proven to help you stick to them better! Have a friend that can help keep you on track and that can point out when you might be falling off. Be partners and do the same for them to help you both succeed!
  2. Write Down Your Goals Long Term and Short Term. Being able to see your goals each day helps you remember why you are working so hard to achieve them. It also helps make your goals a prioirty and gives you something to work for now, and for the future.
  3. Have A Plan. I write out my plan each month and that really helps me with staying on track. I mark down what needs to get done and when, then I cross it off. I love crossing things off my list, it really helps me feel accomplished!
  4. Participate in Training’s. This is huge!! No matter what your goals are, it helps to learn from people who have been where you are, and have had success! Training yourself in your business, your hobby, or just how to do daily things better can really help you accomplish more and easier.
  5. Give Yourself A High Five. It’s hard being a Mom! It’s also hard having goals and making time for you. Remember to celebrate your success and enjoy it. You don’t want to dread working on your goals so keep it fun, take time off here and there, and celebrate when you get something hard, finished.

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