Staying Healthy During The Winter

Winter is the time of year most people get sick. Especially kids that are in school. And then they bring home those germs, and your whole family gets sick. This was my house last year. We basically spent the whole month of December with at least one person being sick. Christmas Day, we had four out of five people in our house sick! After that experience, I began to look into ways to stay healthy during the winter. As a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, I would much prefer to prevent sickness before it happens, and I learned a lot of great tips.

Staying Healthy During The Winter

Staying healthy during the winter

If your kids are young and in school or daycare, you especially are at a higher risk of having germs in your home. Have you ever been around a bunch of young kids? One sneezes and doesn’t cover their mouth, those germs get on toys, and all the other kids touch them. My oldest is 6 and every time he coughs I insist he covers his mouth, yet he still forgets. It’s just part of being a kid, they don’t think about germs…..until they are sick! I try and teach them from the start to cover your mouth and then immediately wash hands, but it’s especially hard for them when they are at school. Plus with many schools have only a certain amount of days kids can be out, parents end up sending them to school even when they are sick. It’s hard to keep everyone health and learn at the same time.


Staying healthy during the winterStaying healthy during the winter is especially hard when you have more than one child as kids share those germs so quickly! As soon as one gets sick, it’s usually only a matter of time before they pass it on. Prevention is key, and there is a lot you can do the stop the sickness before it begins.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water. Stay hydrated as it helps flush out toxins, but can also break up mucus when you get a cold. Getting kids to drink water can be hard, so sometimes I put some fruit in theirs to make it fun. I personally struggle with drinking water when it’s cold so I do a lot of hot tea.
  2. Exercise. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also reduces stress which weakens your immune system. Its hard to exercise during the winter, so do a fun dance party with your kids. Or make a fun obstacle course inside. You have tons of great ways to move your body as a family.
  3. Vitamins. Many people think they get enough vitamins from their food, but the truth is our soil is depleted so we don’t receive enough vitamins. Make sure your family all takes a good multi vitamin. NOT generic store brands as those do more harm than good and usually have a less than 10% absorption rate. My family uses vitamins with a 85% or higher absorption rate and you can get them here
  4. Clean Your Hands. Germs are everywhere, so don’t forget to wash your hands! Just plain soap and water does the job. Using antibacterial soaps is NOT a good idea as many of those actually kill the good bacteria your body needs to fight the germs.
  5. Air Out Your Home. Did you know that when you spray that bathroom cleaner that gives you a migraine, it can linger in your home for up to a year?!?! That means you and your family are constantly breathing in those fumes. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Open your windows and air our your home. You can also get plants that detoxify your air like the Boston Fern or the Peace Lily.
  6. Boost Your Immune System. A healthy immune system can really help you from not getting sick. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and low in sugar. I personally use an essential oil blend that boosts your immune system and it has worked WONDERS for my kids! I get it HERE
  7. Sleep. This is something that you need to stay healthy. The average person doesn’t get enough sleep and that is when your body recharges itself. Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. More for kids as their little bodies require more rest than we do! Rest is best for a healthy life.
  8. Have A Healthy Gut. Your gut is extremly important for health and having a good immune system. If you aren’t taking a probiotic, get a good one!! I love mine, but for kids you can also do yogurt instead. Gut healthy is very important so make sure to not forget that part.
  9. Kick Out The Toxic Cleaners. Did you know ammonia is the number one cause of respiratory problems? How about the fact that asthma has risen by over 100% in the last 20 years. Toss out those nasty cleaners that are in fact banned in many other countries because of the damage they do to our health!! Go toxin free, it’s very easy to do and you will actually save money each month. Here is an easy way to kick out the toxins.
  10. Reduce Stress. This is a hard one, but stress opens your body up to sickness so keep it as far away as you can. Find fun things to do, laugh as much as you can, and spend time with the people you love. Stress is part of life, but there are many ways to reduce it such as yoga, relaxing with a good book, and essential oils.

staying healthy during the winter

Staying healthy during the winter is hard to do, but with these tips it will be much easier for you. Remember these steps and have your healthiest winter yet!



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