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As you scroll through social media, you see tons of great content. You hear about your friends day, you catch up on news articles, and even find a delicious recipe. But you also get to learn more about a business your friend might be starting! The problem is, people are having a harder time promoting their businesses unless they are willing to pay big bucks. Pictures that feature their business or their products aren’t shown to very many people, and that can be very discouraging! But there is a way around it…..use your personal pictures!

According to social media algorithms, pictures of yourself and your family will get more views, likes and comments. Stock photos from a company that are being shared by tons of people, get fewer views. Social Media sites deem those stock photos as spammy so they don’t show them to as many people, and of course the fewer people who see them, the fewer likes and comments you get. Skip using those stock photos and instead create your own amazing photos!

Today we have some tips and examples from a few women who take amazing selfies, and are able to use their personal pictures as the way to market their business!


12141661_10153920252026091_663243028191776793_nMeet Stephanie! This beautiful lady is a Purple Status Presenter with Younique and has a very successful business she has built online! Stephanie uses her own personal photos to advertise her products and to show customers all the different options they have! Instead of using a generic product picture, she takes the time to demonstrate the products and show what they look like on!


12688334_10154134078826091_5954986885425608430_nMost people would put a picture up on social media of a stock photo of eye shadow from the company, but not Stephanie! She puts the colors on herself, and showed the product in her picture at the same time!!! This is an amazing way to advertise as she shows the products actually work and they great results you can get from them! As you can tell, Stephanie takes the time to learn the best way to apply her products and tests each of them out so she can personally share the results! Using social media to market yourself and your products is great tool, but you still have to put in the work which is why Stephanie is so successful!

Tips From Stephanie: “A good selfie is important as they are the first impression people will get on you! A bad selfie can be a deal breaker!! LOL!! Good lighting, angles, and a clean background are also important for a good selfie!! And your shirt!!! It matters!! You don’t have to wear pants, but a nice top is must”

Visit Stephanie and learn how to work with her on her website!





Meet Crystal! This gorgeous lady is the owner of Train Dirty Fitness and a MASTER of social media! She actually teaches classes on how to have social media success which I highly recommend! Crystal has been successful thanks to her social media expertise for over 12 years! She has built a huge brand with over 200,000 followers on multiple social media platforms.

Obviously she knows her stuff!

Tips from Crystal: “Always have your camera at arms length and slightly raised so it causes you to look up and at an angle. Your lighting needs to be good and to the back of the camera. Keep your tongue inside your mouth! (odd I know but I see a lot of tongues haha), and take more than you think you need because only 1 will be usable. Be yourself and let your personality shine!”



12745797_582212355262943_1458568375774258076_nNotice how Crystal is wearing her brand, but not talking about it. That’s a great way to promote your brand easily by having it in the picture and using your picture to talk about something totally different!

For more tips from Crystal, visit her on her website and ask her about her Revive Academy to learn how to rock social media!




A few more tips from me:


  1. Take your photo outside if you can, natural light is the best lighting!
  2. Have a neutral background. No toys, clothes, or toilet paper rolls. Those are distracting!
  3. Keep your accessories and clothing simple….unless you are advertising your jewelry!
  4. Be presentable! If you are looking for people to work with you, you don’t want to look like a hot mess! (even though most of us Moms are a hot mess on a daily basis, its nice to look professional when we show up for “work”)
  5. Be true to you! I love coffee, fitness, and the outdoors so many times my pictures show me outside enjoying coffee in my fitness clothes!


A good selfie can help your bring in more business partners, customers, and amazing job opportunities! Take the time to treat your business like a business and be presentable when sharing photos on social media! I promise your business will benefit!


Special thanks to the amazing Molly Ritterbeck of Miss Molly for the title of this blog!


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