The Amazing Airmoji

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing a BRAND new product. I love new products as you get the first peek at them and can offer completely unbiased reviews. Especially when you have never heard of the product before!! This one….it’s good!! The company is called MojLife and their product I had the joy of reviewing is called the Airmoji….or as I call it, The Amazing Airmoji!!! It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and truly will solve the problem so many people have…keeping your home smelling fresh!

The Amazing Airmoji


For most people, a fresh smelling home is key! But what to use??? Before having kids, I loved candles! But add in 3 kids and 2 cats and I’ve not used candles in YEARS!! Either my cat’s would The Amazing Airmojicatch on fire or my kids would catch my house on fire haha. Neither is a risk I want to take! I loved the smell of candles though. Especially being able to theme them with the seasons. Cinnamon was a favorite of mine at winter! Apple was huge during the summer, and vanilla any other time! It smelled so good in my home and you couldn’t tell I had kids and animals!


Next option for many people is using a fragrance spray or plug ins….but don’t do those!!! The ingredients in those items are HIHGLY toxic and linked to things like asthma, hormone disruption, allergies, cancer, migraines….just to name a few!!!


What people need is a safe way to have their home smelling fresh, that is also GOOD for your health. So what option does that leave you??? The Airmoji!!!

The Amazing Airmoji

It solves all the problems of candles and toxic fragrance sprays! It has no wick, no word to trip over, no liquids to spill, no batteries, no mess to dig out of it, safe for kids and pets!! And you can control it with your smartphone!! Did you catch that part??? Your PHONE controls the smell in your home!!! You can turn it on before you enter the home and arrive to a great smelling home!!


Another great perk, natural ingredients!! Many times when I use to use fragrance in my home (Before I learned how BAD it is!!) I would get a terrible headache…no such problem with the Airmoji!


You can choose from some amazing scents, or use their special essential oils!!! The choice is yours, and such a great option since essential oils have many great healing properties.  They have over 30 scents to chose from so truly something for everyone!!!


One of the many things I liked….you can get covers for your Airmoji to make it match your home décor!! They have many different stylish options and you would never know what it was!!


The Airmoji is a great product that I had the joy of reviewing, but one of the things that made it so enjoyable was the rep, Megan!! She sent detailed instructions on how to use the product, has a great youtube video that walks you through step by step, and was always happy to answer any questions!! That can make such a huge difference in your purchase experience! I highly recommend this product, and working with Megan!! (Go check out her YouTube Videos HERE)


The Business SideThe Amazing Airmoji

MojiLife is a direct sales company which means you buy the products from a representative, and they earn a commission from your order. You have 3 different starter kits to pick with. To start, you make 20% commission from sales. Representatives buy everything at retail, but get their discount back as that 20% commission, plus whatever anyone purchases from them. Once you hit $850 In sales, over your lifetime (no time limit), you start to receive 25% commission. As you advance in ranks & start adding to your team, you will start receiving monthly bonuses off of both you and your teams sales. They also offered incentive trips.

There is a $50 monthly requirement. You can meet that in customers sales or personal purchases.

The basic kit to join is just $85 and comes with all these GREAT items!

  • 1 AirMoji device
  • 2 Fragrances
  • Catalog
  • Distributor guide
  • Order forms (25 Pack)
  • Fragrance sample kit

This truly is a great business chance as it’s a brand new company!!!

Contact Megan Brown for more details on this company, the products, or how to do the business! 


The Amazing Airmoji













DISCLAIMER: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review on the product and company. All thoughts, opinions, and views are my own, whether they are negative or positive. I reserve the right to turn down product reviews if I feel it would not benefit my audience or the owner of the product.


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    I love the idea of there being a few so many options with scented oils like airmoji. I’ve always really liked the feeling of coming home to a great smelling house. I think that having something like airmoji to help keep our home smelling great would be a huge benefit we would enjoy!

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