The Key Is Consistency!

I have worked from home for 4 years now and during that time I have seen many people succeed, and many people fail. I’ve seen people join 10 different companies/jobs and quit each one after a month or two. I’ve seen people work the same business for 4 years. I’ve seen people achieve amazing success. But what sets them apart? What makes some people be able to achieve an amazing income from home, while others never see a dollar?

Many factors affect success, but one of the main ones is Consistency! Building a business is hard!! Few people find success the first day they start. But what sets them up for success is they are consistent and keep going! They know it’s going to be tough but they put in the work each day and even on days where they feel like quitting, they don’t! Even on days when your home is flooded, your car breaks down, and two of your 3 kids are sick….you have to keep going!12795481_10153538677324576_1039291868488597657_n

If you log on social media, you will see people that “company jump” as I like to call it. They join a new company, don’t have success right away, so they move on to the next one. The problem is, it takes TIME to build a business. Sure we all have those friends who start out making over $2,000 their first month, but for many people it takes time and consistency! You have to show people you believe in your company, you are putting in the work, and you know you can have success. They want to see that! Most people will NOT partner up with someone who hasn’t been with a company long, or who has jumped from many different companies. Why?? Because they worry you will leave them and this new company like you did the last!Consistency

You have to build a reputation, build trust, and build a business that will last. That won’t happen in a week. And for most people it takes a year or more!! You need to be consistent if you expect results. You can’t try and lose weight by exercising one day a week and eating pizza and ice cream the other 6 days. You have to be consistent! If you are building your business online, you need to show up to “work”. You can’t post about your business once a week. In the beginning, unless you personally speak to every person you know and give them details about your new job, most will NOT see it on social media! Unless you are consistent.  People need to be exposed to an opportunity an average of 7 times before they jump on it.

If you are finding you don’t have success in your business, ask yourself, “Am I being consistent in building my business, working my business, and following through?”

Consistency is KEY!



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