Think Before You Prospect

Think before you prospect people…


Stop-Sign-CropA lot of time, people will join a new business and start messaging/emailing every single person they know. And they get a bad response or no response! They also will look for the “big fish” which is those who are successful working at home and they try and get them to come join their new business. This doesn’t go over well! And it is also disrespectful and ruins the chance of them possibly supporting you in the future.

Sooooooooo…..What is the right and wrong way to prospect people?!?!


Well first off, I don’t prospect people! I share about my company and products and if someone is interested, I contact them! I work for an online store so my job is a bit different than others, but I know I personally HATE getting messages asking me to switch the job I LOVE for something brand new they have just started.


Most people who are successful with their jobs, are so because they LOVE it. It’s a deep deep love that goes beyond just getting paid. It’s often a love for the products, a love for the company, and love for their team. No amount of money is going to make them leave their “family” and many people find it very disrespectful to be asked to do so!


How do you prospect then?! Well first, you want to chat with people and see if the door might open. Ask how they are doing, what they have been up, how their job is going….connect with them! If they say they love their jobs and it’s going great, don’t prospect! That is the sign right there and it would be rude to not listen to what they just said! Instead say “That is GREAT! I just started a new job with my company and I’m hoping to have success like you do someday. Any tips you can share?” That leaves the door open so they know what you are doing, it doesn’t offend them, and it shows you listened and respect them.


6040612958007de8292363100e19a0c3If you are looking to contact someone about your job and they are NOT already working from home, you still want to approach them the right way! You do not want to instantly start asking them to buy from you. Instead, reconnect with them and see how they are doing. Chat about their kids, their job, their hobbies etc. Wait for the door to open to start sharing about your products. And pay attention to what they say. Some people will give you all the signs that now is NOT a good time to talk to them about your business, and if you pay attention then you may have a shot later on.


How you talk to people and approach them can make all the difference In this business so make sure you do it the RIGHT way!


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