To The Mom Who Feels She Is Losing Control….

Dear Mom With The Screaming Toddler At The Grocery Store….


You are doing an amazing job!! It’s not easy trying to concentrate on buying food for your family when you have a toddler who is grumpy. Kids are kids and its part of life! We can’t always control how they act, especially at that young age! They can be grumpy because the sun is shining…trust me, I had one cry over that one day!!! They can be grumpy because their hair is too long….my daughter has cried for that before. Or they can be grumpy simply because they are tiny humans and the world doesn’t make sense to them yet. It’s normal!

perfect mother

You are doing an amazing job!!! It’s hard to ignore the stares of people who have never had kids, or forget how hard it can be somedays! We live in a world today when so many people judge, instead of saying “Can I help you?” I’ve been in stores with 3 kids acting crazy and everyone staring at me….so you are not alone! We Mom’s have to grocery shop, and of course our kids are going to be grumpy at least once in their lives. And if it wasn’t at a grocery store, it just wouldn’t be normal!


You are doing an amazing job!!! We all have days where we are tired, but you stayed calm and kept shopping! No one knows what is going on at our homes, how we might be feeling that day, or what life has thrown at us! I once had a lady be very rude to me the day before having surgery as I was tired and stressed and not watching where I was going. We never know, and should therefor never judge!


You are doing an amazing job!!! Remember that!!


You are not the first Mom to have a child screaming in the store, and you won’t be the last. But I hope my smile and words of encouragement made up for the rude stares. I’ve been there, and I hope more Mom’s can band together, instead of letting each other stand alone!


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