Toxin Free Is The Way To Be

Last year I began the journey to a toxin free home. For many people, they think that is “extreme” and don’t understand my choice. That is totally fine as it’s not for everyone….but for me, health is EXTREMELY important. I feel that is one of the BEST gifts I can give my children!


My obsession with health and fitness started young as I had always battled my weight.  But after having my first child, I learned that losing weight the healthy way, was best and sometimes being fit was way more important that the number on the scale! Slow and steady I dropped over 80 lbs and fell in love with being strong! I became a personal trainer and nutritionist and my focus became on helping others find their love for health!!!


But I began to struggle. My oldest two kids are 16 months apart, and I noticed I started getting sick easier, my weight became a struggle, I had headaches and fatigue. But I pushed on! After my 3rd child was born I had non stop issues. Finally last year the words “autoimmune disease” started being thrown around by my doctors.  That was hard to hear because for those…there are NO cure and once you get one, more come along to play…..


“Simply put, autoimmune diseases are conditions where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues rather than a foreign molecule like bacteria. This happens when something confuses the immune system. Increasingly, that “something” appears to be the enormous load of environmental toxins to which we are all exposed.”

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When I began to research, I found that YES I lived a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating fruits and veggies, but I had a very toxic home! I cleaned with dangerous chemicals, I used the cheap, toxic shampoo and personal care products, and I never read labels or ingredients on products I put on my skin!!!! I began to learn that every single product we use can effect our health, not just the items we eat! I also learned that we may be healthy NOW, but those toxins can build up in our bodies and cause damage in the years to come. All that research led me to the decision to convert our home to toxin free.


Knowledge is power. Health is important. And we have to educate ourselves and KNOW that many diseases can be prevented. More and more people have health issues now than they did 50 years ago. The reason??? The toxins and chemicals in our products!  People may laugh at my toxin free lifestyle, but for me, full body health needs to be a priority!


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