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Did you ever think that each time you spray that bathroom cleaner and it makes you cough, there is reason?!?!

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Or when you get a headache after cleaning your kitchen?!?!


Or when your eyes water after spring cleaning your house?!?!


The reason is, the products we spray in our home, are absorbed into our bloodstream in 26 seconds!


  • The diagnosis for asthma for adult women has grown by 82%. The high rate for women is believed to be due to women’s longer exposure times to household chemicals.
  • [Source: Center for Disease Control]
  • In the past 20 years asthma has TRIPLED! (Source: Center for Disease Control)
  • Children visit the doctor approximately 23 times before they age of 4, due to respiratory problems (Source: National Center for Health Statistics)
  • Death from asthma has grown by 118% (Source: Environmental Health Threats to Children, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Exposure to environmental carcinogens are estimated to be responsible for 75-80% of cancer diagnosis and death in the US (PSR.org)



People often ignore when they hear a product is bad for them, mostly because they believe it’s not true! The research and statistics done by doctors and scientists prove otherwise! Or just look around you at the growing number of people with cancer, asthma, autoimmune disease. The chemicals we use play a LARGE role in our health!


“As more toxic chemicals have been introduced to our everyday environment in greater amounts over the last 20 to 30 years, the level of toxins stored in tissues (fat cells) of our bodies have risen” We also begin storing those toxins from a younger age as kids absorb them even faster!! Not to mention some stay in your body for life!


Join me Thursday Evening and I’ll share more information on how the toxins in our home are harming us, and what we can do to protect ourselves! Don’t wait until you are sick…toxins in your home can linger for up to a year! They can also be stored in your body. Take steps now to remove them from your home. Its easy, and you can actually save money by living a toxin free life! Email me at danawikoff@gmail.com to attend!



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