Whatever You Are Selling, I’ll Buy It!

Recently I saw a graphic going around making fun of women who work in direct sales. I have to say, I was appalled to see that!!! Starting your own business takes GUTS! Lots of guts as its scary to put yourself out there. And yet instead of encouraging these women who are trying to provide for their families, people criticize them instead!


As women, I think it’s very important that we support each other, and especially to teach our kids to do the same! Bullying is a problem in most schools, yet if you get on the internet, you can easily tell where these kids learn to be bullies from. As women we need to set the example and go back to the times when women supported, encouraged, and helped each other succeed. Not made fun of their choices.


Most the women I see working from home or doing their own business, are doing so to help their families! I know one who recently divorced, one who lost her job, one who has a parent to take care of, one who is planning for her kids college fund, one who is trying to take a family vacation, one who wants to quit her 70 hour job, and one like myself who is trying to send my husband to Med School! These women saw their families needing help and took on an extra job to do it! They aren’t starting a go fund me account asking for money, they are putting in WORK! And most the time the products they are selling, are things you use anyway!


Pretty much every woman uses makeup, many like at home workouts, lots enjoy fun jewelry, and every single person washes their hair and their clothes. They aren’t asking you to buy something you don’t need (some are, and in that case just say no thank you, still don’t bash them!), instead they are asking you to switch where you shop and support a Mom instead of a CEO or Shareholder.


Years ago, before big corporations came around, anything we needed we bought from a friend! We need to go back to that in an effort to help each other. But also in an effort to be supportive!!! Your one makeup purchase may have just helped a family buy diapers. Or that protein shake may have put gas in a car. Every little bit helps. And if you can’t then encourage them, congratulate them, and ask how you can help! It’s very scary starting your own business and putting yourself out there and a negative comment or picture can be VERY discouraging!


To all my friends selling a product, you are amazing, inspiring and the true definition of a hard worker. I will happily buy from you, and I hope others will start doing the same!


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    Thanks for sharing this Dana! I use to be one of those who got aggravated at all the things people were trying to sale me, but I realized as you stated that they are not doing it to harass me, but to support their families. It took me months of going back and forth before deciding to join Rodan + fields as a Consultant, and I am so glad I did! The support we have not only for ourselves, but others like us who are in direct sales is tremendous! It really is like an extended family!

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