Why I Work From Home

Not everyone chooses to be a work from home Mom, and I know many who tried it and did not enjoy it. But for me, it was the option that made perfect sense!!!  I’ve always been a “worker” and like to stay busy. Once I had kids though, I knew I didn’t want to miss a moment of their lives. That’s one of the BEST parts of being a work from home Mom!! I have been able to still feel like “me”, contribute to the household, and be around for my kids!

Work From Home Mom


I can work during nap time, or once they are in bed at night! I can work when my husband is home, or when the kids are in the backyard playing. I get to CHOOSE!!! I can take a few weeks off to enjoy friends visiting. I can get up early and work in the morning. I can work from my car on a family fun day while my husband drives. I get to CHOOSE! On average, I work two hours a day! Where else can you find a job that allows you to work 2 hours a day and still earn a full time income? Or pick which days you work and which days you don’t?? For me, working from home is the perfect way to balance kids, family and still earning an income!


If my kids are sick, I don’t have to worry about calling out of work! I can be with them without worrying about an angry boss! If one of my kids has something special going on at school, I can attend!! No needing to ask off or permission to come in late! I can take my kids to school each day, and be there to pick them up! I get to CHOOSE to enjoy our time on the weekend instead of rushing to get chores and errands done.

work from home mom

During their breaks from school, I get to play with them! I don’t have to rush to find a babysitter, or make them stay at day care. I get to choose fun activities for us to do each week. I get to treasure that time together. I get to be the one they are having fun with and making memories that will last a lifetime!


Yes it’s hard work, yes it takes time, yes it requires me to be consistent and boss myself around….but being able to chose when I work and never miss a moment of my kids life make its all worth it!

work from home mom

Life is all about choices, and my choice is to always have control over my schedule and working from home allows that!!! In a world where our kids grow up so fast, I’m thankful to be there for every moment they need me and to be a work from home mom!!



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