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Little Girl

Emberly Day

Instagram: @emberlyday

Emberly Day is a Los Angeles based wholesale supplier as your personal fashion adviser for all women’s apparel. We recognize that many women are struggling with the current direct sales apparel movement or starting their own boutique and we wanted to do something about it!

Plus size modelWe offer a variety of current fashion trends with a low minimum and the ability to choose your own styles with one of our fashion consultants. This allows you to sell what you actually want to sell and have styles that fit your brand or boutique that will stand out.

Emberly Day is distinctive from other companies because we personalize each kit specifically for each individual. We are not an MLM company. We believe in today’s entrepreneur whether you’re a working woman, a stay at home mom, or a fashion novice or dreamer. Our goal is to make the wholesale apparel industry more accessible so you can have the opportunity of creating your own business and selling at your own pace.

At Emberly Day, we believe in helping women achieve their dreams of ownership.

Join today and be your own branding boss! It’s time for your business to shine!


Paparazzi Jewelry

20190129_031239_0000Courtney Toyama CID: 214502

Phone: 8143815305
Facebook: Http://
Facebook Group:                                        YouTube:
I’m a director with paparazzi jewelry and accessories. I am always looking to expand my team and share what I love. This isn’t the job for everyone as you get out of it what you put into it, but if you are willing to actually do the work this can be very rewarding! I enjoy doing hands on training and even have a Facebook group dedicated to it.

You earn 45% on everything you sell (this is the bulk of where your income would come from) and then you can earn a residual income depending on your rank within the company on those who you personally sponsor (not more than 10% per person). Kit prices start at just $99 and sometimes special extra treats are offered by the company during certain months. You can set your own schedule (perfect for stay at home moms with busy schedules) and you have unlimited growth potential.
I am easily contacted via my Facebook business page & training group, messenger, email, call or text. I try to respond within 24 hours but usually much much quicker.

Rodan And Fields


Rita Mathis

Email: 324mathis@gmail .com

IMG_0490If you know me, then you know I wouldn’t sell a product I don’t believe in or partner with a company that wasn’t growing. I’m a pretty smart cookie!

Two years ago I never imagined I’d have my own skincare business, lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I absolutely love it! I love the flexibility (work on your time), friendships (amazing team of go getters), helping people (the products truly are life-changing), and most of all working for myself and not someone else!

IMG_0474If your entrepreneurial spirit is calling, our company just launched some pretty awesome incentives to jumpstart your own business in 2019! The only thing you have to lose is maybe some debt, wrinkles, acne, sun damage, dry skin, your mind working for someone else’s dream…you get the point.

Now is your chance to join in (would so love to have you on my team) and get rewarded for it.
– FREE Products when you sign up with ANY KIT (see the pic below)
– NEW program incentives and gifts just for working your business
– HIGHLY anticipated product release early this year
Ummmm….. no brainer. 🤨



Silvia Thomas


Hello my name is Silvia and I work as a direct sales distributor with the number hair care company in the United States which was also just named AAA+ ranking for at home business! Now let me tell you a little about me. I have been a working member of society since I was 16 years of age. I did 10 years of customer service, 1 year of logistics, and 1 1/2 years in the medical field and no company has ever come close to giving the opportunities that this one has in all the time I have been working.

On top of never having such a great company to work with I have never had such a supportive group of people behind me. I have never come across a culture within a company that makes you feel so comfortable from day one and feel like you can talk to anyone and everyone who also works with the company. I am so proud of that fact as well as the fact that the company see those who work with them as extremely valuable because they see and know that with out the market partners that work with the company they would be nothing.


I also have to say that being part of a company that puts its market partners first is so refreshing because unlike other companies the people working with them are not just numbers on a sales report sheet! With this company we are all individuals and we all have a story and lives and goals and dreams that we want to achieve and the company acknowledges that with how they treat us because not only do they treat us like gold but they also make it very easy to make money to bring all those things to life. We make so many amazing bonuses for everything we do and we have no cap on how much we can earn. That alone is worth taking the chance to make your dreams come true. They make working and making money so easy because they believe you should be rewarded easily for all your hard work. There is so many bonuses to be earned and incentives as well like having a car that is completely paid for by the company until it is paid off or a full expenses paid for trip for the company paid for by the company or even a $500 bonus to pay a bill or bills for you and your family! This also gives you the chance to work your own hours and live life the way that you choose and not have to live your life around your job which is what mostly everyone has to do.
Thanks to saying yes to this opportunity I have been able to have the freedom to spend time with my family and do not have to ever worry about job security or having to take time off work when my husband and I decide to extend our family or worry about only having one income during that time either and it has given my family the life that we want to have and I have been able to pay bills on time and not have to worry about my credit card debt because I am using this to pay it off. With all that said I want to ivinte anyone in the United States and Canada and United Kingdom to contact me and get to know more about this opportunity and do not be afraid that you will not know what to do because when you start working with me I make sure that you have 1-1 training on sales and social media and I make sure you constantly have everything you need to succeed because we are a team and we need to work together to bring out the best versions of ourselves and know that you can do this because if you have agreed will I have said or it has made you feel something then you should be saying yes to this opportunity and getting in touch with so that we can talk about it more. I am glad that you choose to take the leap and I hope to hear from you soon.

La Bella Baskets & Giftsjennifer profile pic

Jennifer Lewis

Phone: 315-447-6658
Thank you gift collageLa Bella Baskets was founded in December 2009 to allow anyone to open their own online gift basket business without all the inventory, hassles and risk involved with a traditional gift basket business. Our company partners with gift designers around the country, we market the amazing gifts and they put them together and send them to the gift recipient. As a gift consultant, you are able to have your own gifting business without having to invest in a bunch of products and keep a lot of inventory. Over the years we have expanded into a complete online gift boutique. We offer high quality gift baskets, cookies, fresh flowers, gourmet chocolates, personalized gifts, candles, jewelry and even an amazing skincare line. We cater to both individuals and businesses to meet their gifting needs.

consultant ad join my teamI joined this amazing company when it was only a month old and have reached the top level with the company, Executive Diamond Gift Director. What a blessing La Bella Baskets has been to me and my family these past 9 years. I love the flexibility of this job, I work with amazing consultants and customers all across the country. I love making a living helping others celebrate life’s special occasions.

I am looking to add additional consultants to my growing team. As a consultant you earn 20-40% commission on the sales from your store. You can also earn amazing residual income by sharing the business opportunity with others. For a limited time you can start your La Bella Baskets & Gifts business for only $5 for your first month and then $24.95 a month after that. There are no mandatory products or kits to buy, no quotas to maintain, and access to ongoing training and support. Find out more by visiting my website or emailing me at




Phone: 0422550131

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a weight loss mentor for Ph@tt – Putting health @ the top. Ph@tt is a gut health based program that is having massive success worldwide, with people losing up to 10kgs in 30 days!
For a customer to have access to the diet plan, closed Facebook group, recipes and personal mentor (you), they will have to purchase a select group of supplements from Modere. So essentially you are a Social Marketer for Modere and that is how you will receive your commission, but the Ph@tt business is what makes this opportunity so much more profitable.

There are many benefits of joining Ph@tt; choose your own hours, work from your phone or computer wherever you want, have the joy and satisfaction of supporting people to reach their weight loss goals, earn some extra spending money or replace your full time salary, build your business with the support and backing of an amazing team and earn awesome incentives like holidays and car allowances.
I searched the internet for years looking for an opportunity that I felt was legitimate and worthwhile and I am so glad that I chose Ph@tt. Now I am looking for people to join my team so that I can help them enjoy the same success I have had.


Logo primarywithtagline


Looking for a flexible online teaching opportunity? What if we said you could wear yoga pants while doing it? We are seeking passionate educators to teach English online to students in China – with the flexibility to teach from anywhere and earn competitive pay of US $14-$22/hour.
1 VIPKid DigitalBanners FINAL 300x250

Benefits Flexibility with no commute and no minimum hours Teachers love the fact that our classes are one-on-one. And they really, really love the fact that our highly interactive platform means:
1) They can easily engage their students (awesome)
2) They have convenient access to our pre-made lesson plans (double awesome) Did we mention we offer flexibility? That means you can work every day, only Tuesdays mornings, or whatever works for you.

VIPKid dot

Requirements & Qualifications Teaching experience of any kind including home-schooling, tutoring, coaching or mentoring (1 year) Any Bachelor’s degree or higher Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada A computer and headset A high-speed Internet connection Comfy clothes. (OK, the comfy clothes are optional)
Compensation U.S. $14-22/hr plus the opportunity to earn more through bonuses.

Check us out and apply today!

Revital U International


McKinsey Mahnesmith

Sample Purchase Site:

revital U is a new company that’s taking the world by storm. Our Smart products are designed to suppress your appetite, boost your energy and increase clarity. revital U has changed my life, not just financially but I’ve also lost 60 lbs just by drinking one cup of coffee or cocoa! This product fits well with my life because I’m not cooking one meal for my family and then another meal for me! It’s also helped me kick my chocolate cravings (and I’ve got one serious brownie addiction). I personally have struggled with my weight since I was born and revital U has given me hope and a jump start to my weight loss journey.

I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and since taking revital U I’ve been able to cut back on my adderall dosage each month. I’ve had so many friends and family who’ve seen success while taking revital U, including my 86 year old Grandma who’s lost 25 lbs! Check out my Facebook page and you’ll see so many before and afters along with Testimonials!
• No Kits to purchase
• No Monthly quota
• No Sales Commitment
• No Parties to host
• No Product to keep on hand
2019-02-05_18-37-53I’ve never been a huge fan of Network Marketing but there are two huge things that pulled me to revital U. One being that the products actually worked for me and I was able to see results, the second being that we only send out samples! Now, when I say samples that means we WANT people to try before you buy and it doesn’t stop there.. We also have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee not only on our products but also on the Business.. SAY WHAT! No joke friend, it’s amazing!

Our business was designed so that you’re able to work it from your cell phone. and take your business anywhere! I have a full time job, I’m a mother of 2, wife and revital U (for now) is my side business and it works because I work my side hustle everywhere I have my phone. When you sign up as an Influencer, the company is going to give you 100 digital samples to send out to your friends and family and a fast start bonus up to $1000 in your first 60 days!

Now, when I say digital sample, that means you enter all their mailing information via the revital U App, submit it and that goes to Corporate and they put your samples together and mail them out for you! Create video messages to send with the samples that include active links that will go back to your website! The options in our revital U app are ENDLESS!! I’m telling you, no other company has this kind of technology right now! It’s so easy and I say that because I could not sell water to a man on fire but I can sample my heart out.

Full ProductWe’re getting ready to launch the UK in April 2019 and Canada Sept 2019 with a plan laid out to go global! Currently, we have three products Smart Cocoa, Smart Coffee and Smart Capsules which all offer the same benefits with another product being released this April! We are just getting started and right now our CEO is giving away money everyday in 2019! I post the links on my Facebook page when he goes LIVE because all you have to do is comment, no strings attached!

I’d love to chat more about this wonderful opportunity with you! This company launched in Sept 2017 with 3,000 Brand Influencers (I started in Nov. 2017) and now in 2019 we’re at 20,000 Influencer’s! There is no better feeling than being able to help someone increase their energy and focus!



Liz, Danielle, and Kayla1517334535009blob



*free to join, free to promote, zero website fees, zero sales quotas or obligations
*potential to earn between $660 to $1320 in cash and bonuses in the first 2 weeks
*a monthly auto bonus at the second rank in the company
*ability to earn all-inclusive getaways multiple times each year
*building a team with positive, outgoing, and energetic people

We are Danielle, Liz, and Kayla – 3 Thriving mamas from beautiful Minnesota – and those are just some of the amazing benefits and perks of getting to promote the Thrive Experience.

What is the Thrive Experience? Thrive, by Le-Vel, is an 8 week experience designed to fill in your body’s nutritional gaps to get your body functioning at premium levels. By healing your gut and giving your body the nutrition that it needs you will experience amazing benefits, including clean, all-day energy with no crash, improved sleep, joint support, mental clarity, digestive support, appetite control, and so much more.

The Thrive Experience is truly a one size fits all nutritional system comprised of 3 simple steps in the first 20-40 minutes if your day. And that’s it! Thrive has truly changed our lives and we don’t plan to ever go a day without it! We don’t know exactly what thrive will do for you, but we can promise you that if you give the Thrive Experience 10 mornings on an empty stomach, it will knock your socks off!

Join the fastest growing health and wellness movement in the world and start changing your body, your mind, and your life today. We can’t wait to have you join us on your very own Thrive journey!

Trades Of Hope

Untitled design (2) (1)

Joanna Ericksen


I am a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. My husband and I had been discussing ways to help people around the world and also develop giving hearts in our children when I stumbled upon Trades of Hope. I immediately fell in love with the company and knew I had to join the mission.
As a CE, I help empower women around the world out of poverty. ToH works to provide dignified job opportunities for artisans, so they can break out of the slums, sweatshops, sex trade, and extreme poverty. They’re able to feed their families, clothe their children, and put a roof over their heads. They can send their children to school and finally get an education themselves. They are breaking the cycle of generational poverty and writing their own stories.
We partner with women in 16 countries (and growing), including the US. The founders of Trades of Hope discovered that these women did not want charity; they wanted an opportunity. ToH provides this opportunity, by partnering with them to create beautiful handmade jewelry, accessories, and home décor to be sold here in the US. We’re a member of the Fair Trade Federation, so our artisans are paid 100% of their asking wages, which is typically 3-6 times more than the average living wage in their country.

2a_cardThrough the home party model, Compassionate Entrepreneurs, like me, reach out to our communities and beyond to share the stories of the women we partner with and promote the beautiful pieces they create. With every sale we make, more opportunities are created for more women around the world. We are dedicated to changing the lives of impoverished women and families all over the world. We’re able to make an impact in countless lives around the world, while being able to stay home with our families and put food on our own tables.

opportunitygraphic2Commission is 25% of sales. You’ll earn higher percentages and rewards as you grow your business. Trades of Hope also has a really great smart start program for new CE’s that rewards you even more and helps more people around the world when you reach certain goals within your first 4 months. We also have opportunities throughout the year to travel to meet the artisans, as well as attend company retreats in Orlando, FL (headquarters).
You can join Trades of Hope in one of two ways. You can purchase the starter kit for $99 by going to my website and clicking ‘join’. Or you can earn your kit by hosting a Facebook party with $500 in sales. There are no monthly quotas. You just need to have an order placed through your website once every six months to stay active. There is also a $13.95 monthly fee to keep your personalized website and back office running, but the first month is free.
You’ll never be alone in this business. You’ll always have my support, as well as the support of the 3,200+ CE’s in the ToH Facebook group (including the founders). We’re here to walk you through everything. It’s a sisterhood. We’re a family of women helping women and we welcome you!
Contact me if you’d like to shop, host, or join Trades of Hope. I can’t wait to help you change lives!