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Moms Making Six Figures12358099_10100959018057411_269030346_n

Lora-Chantz O’Byrne




12399144_10100962393378241_1952669116_nI work for a marketing and advertising company, where we market and advertise for a US based manufacturer. We are not a multi-level marketing company, we do not sell products, maintain inventory, or host parties. We simply help people order the same items they get from Wal-Mart and Target, online instead!


Customers save money and get a non-toxic product all without having to drive to a store! Plus the company gives new customers $100 in cash back during their first 5 months and 15% off orders after that. The company is so well loved, we have a 95% re-order rate and over 1 million customers shopping EVERY MONTH. That means your income GROWS each month!
You earn an income in our referral program. You refer someone to shop online, and you get paid! We also have cash bonuses, car bonuses, free products, and more! All for just helping people shop online! The income opportunity is limitless! Devote 5-10hrs a week and I can show you how to make a 6 figure income in 12-18 Months!

If you would like more information, please check out my Facebook group where you will find information about our company and our amazing products. You can also contact me at I look forward to talking with you very soon!

SeneGence Cosmetics


Katherine Tharp

Phone: 254-307-8342


I am a full-time physician, loyal wife, and doting mom of two active boys who absolutely was not looking for a stay-at-home job when I discovered LipSense and SeneGence Cosmetics. I simply became a loyal customer because I felt the products were far superior to anything I had tried before. I could put on my makeup in the morning and work the entire day and it looked as fresh at 5 PM as it did at 7 AM. Mind blown. I signed up and began actively selling SeneGence and LipSense on November 13, 2016 because I saw huge financial potential. Just a few short months later, my team is growing rapidly and so is my paycheck. My second month of commission was over $1600. This did not include profit from my personal sales! The company is growing at an astronomical rate, which is directly related to the product quality and longevity. The products are lead and wax free, animal friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly.
unnamed (2)
Although I have just begun this journey, I quickly realized that my true passion is helping women reach their potential and make a living that they can be proud of. I would love the opportunity to work with women who understand that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and work smart. Remember, I am a full time physician doing this in my spare time! There are tons of resources to help you be successful! If I can do it, you can too! I would love to discuss this opportunity further with you. It is legitimate and FUN! Sign up is $55/year to become a distributor. No monthly minimums. SeneGence believes so strongly that you will love being a distributor that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let me tell you more.
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Megan Brown



MojiLife is a brand new direct sales company with a revolutionary home fragrance device that is technology based & light years ahead of any competition. MojiLife has taken all the work out of maintaining your fragrance device, making it hassle free. There are no cords, no batteries to replace, no water or wax, which means no mess to deal with. The Bluetooth capability gives you the ability to set a schedule for your fragrance device, with your phone, so you can truly set it and forget it.
MojiLife has a simple compensation plan, a product that produces residual income, & being new to the direct sales industry, makes this company a perfect fit for those ready to set their own schedule and be their own boss. MojiLife consultants earn a 20% sales commission, to begin with, & have the opportunity & ability to increase their commission earnings by building their team & increasing their sales volume. MojiLife pays bonuses based on both yours and your teams sales volume, paying up to 4 levels in your downline. Becoming a consultant today gives you an amazing opportunity to be at ground floor level. I am looking for people to join my team & be amongst the first distributors with this company.




Alyssa Richardson

Phone: 901-270-0257
Instagram: @lularoealyssarichardson

I have had a passion for beautiful clothing for as long as I can remember. I worked in retail for years and spent most of my paychecks on clothes and shoes! Once I graduated from college, I felt like I needed to get a job in “corporate America” to help make ends meet for my family. The only problem was that I didn’t feel fulfilled. I wasn’t doing something I loved, and I was helping someone else make their dreams come true while I slaved away punching a time clock.
When my son was born, I knew I had to do something different. I wanted to stay at home with him, but I also felt such a strong need and desire to help contribute to our family income. I was introduced to LuLaRoe by a friend and I immediately fell in love with the vibrant and unique prints on all of their clothing. It wasn’t something you could go to the mall and buy and then see everyone else wearing while you were out. I think we can all relate to the fear of showing up to a party with the same outfit as someone else. Not with LuLaRoe!
I knew I needed to get in on this business. With the company constantly producing new (yet limited!) prints, there is ALWAYS something for everyone, and the clothing is in high demand. They offer plus size clothing as well, meaning that this brand can cater to all body types. I get to play around with clothes all day and help other women find something they feel beautiful in… and how lucky am I to call that my JOB? LuLaRoe is changing lives, and yours could be next! I would love to answer any questions you have about starting in this business. You can reach me at


Judy Borre


unnamed (1)My name is Judy. I have tried several different work from home opportunities but none of them excitedunnamed

me the way this one does. Not only does it excite me NOW by where I see it growing in the FUTURE.

We are a 5 year old company with a wearable wristband like no other. It is really a category creator with

active sensors and stones that influence directly the human body, recording emotions, fatigue, sleep

quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and can even do an EKG. By the end of 2017 it will be able to

do blood sugar (huge for diabetes, no finger sticking), blood alcohol and repel mosquitoes.

It has a panic button if you are in trouble you can automatically alert someone you have a problem. It

will even send your GPS location.
You can keep track and monitor your loved ones as well.

According to Forbes, wearable technology is currently a 14B dollar industry and will grow to 34B by


Just think if you could have gotten in on Fitbit at the beginning and been paid on every one sold would

you? If you said yes we need to talk!


Origami Owl

unnamed (2)

Tracy Schultz

Facebook Group:

Want to be a part of a company that treats you like family? Encourages you to be a force for good? Origami Owl’s mission statement of “to be a force for good; to live, inspire & motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams & empower them to make a difference in the lives of others” is the foundation they have built on. Together, the Origami Owl Nest, designers and customers raised over $1 million to help Operation Underground Railroad, Toys for Tots, Children’s Miracle Network and many more charitable organizations in 2016.
unnamed (1)
In November of 2016, they started their “Live Sparkley platform to share inspirational stories of joy, special moments, love, laughter & overcoming adversity.” Designers and customers have shared their stories about becoming a shining light, helping others around them, and spreading kindness throughout their communities. From their Owlette program that encourages youths from 12-17 to build a business partnership, to the O2 Jump Start Program and the opportunity to earn bonuses, rewards, free product and the 2018 Owlchiever trip to the Rivera Maya; the company that started as a 14 year-olds dream to buy her first car, has grown to a company that encourages the dreams of others.


unnamed (1)

Andvaris Virtual Solutions

Phone: (888) 418-4017

The Benefits of working with us
1. Great pay! $9.00 – $16.00 Hourly
2. Spend more time with your family.
3. Be in charge of your schedule, manage your own hours.
4. Eliminate long boring meetings and office politics.
5. Save time and cut down on expenses.
6. The freedom to plan your vacations and days off.
We are Andvaris Virtual Solutions, a staffing company for Arise Virtual Solutions. We are currently looking to hire and place independent contractors in our customer service work at home positions within the united states. A little about us, Andvaris Virtual Solutions is a partner of Arise Virtual Solutions. Through this partnership we are able to hire independent contractor to work from home for various well know clients in the customer service industry. Some of the companies we have worked with, Easter Seals Veteran Staffing Network and Government Programs like H2H (Hero2Hire). We hire all across the United States (except: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin). Our positions are mainly customer service and they are permanent unless otherwise specified. There is a process for the individual applying to any client and it consist of a profile, background check and client training. Due to hiring independent contractors, you are responsible for your own background check and client training cost. If you would like more information please contact us on any of our social medias and/or E-mail, phone numbers. Thank you and have a great day.

Le-Vel Thrive

unnamed (3)

Melissa Corcoran


I remember feeling so sick and tired of being sick and tired – something had to give. Little did I know how much 3 simple steps done in the 1st 20 minutes of my day would change my entire life. Le-Vel Thrive is the #1 fastest growing Health and Wellness company in the US. Over the last 2 years, I have shared my experience with everyone I come in contact with and been able to become a stay at home mom and work my business into the nooks and crannies of my day – living my life by design. Le-Vel Thrive works to fill your nutritional gaps with all natural plant derived vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics. All it takes are 2 capsules before your feet hit the floor, 20 minutes, later drink an 8oz Lifestyle Mix and then you apply the derma fusion technology foam. That’s IT!
unnamed (5)

Le-Vels compensation plan is amazing! The company is designed to start the rewards from the lower ranks and it shows!
-FREE to be a customer or Brand Promoter
-FREE website
-FREE product with 2 referrals for customers and promoters
-Up to $1300 in bonuses in your 1st 14 days.
-Luxury Auto Bonus at 2nd rank
-Lifestyle Getaways – no work, truly a vacation!

Take a look at some of the testimonials on our Facebook page and I look forward to connecting with you to share more about this amazing opportunity!

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Minerva Lee


Phone: 415-269-6460


Hello Busy Moms! I’m a happily married, working mom, and Younique Presenter from the Bay Area (CA). I am proud to be a part of this international company whose mission is to: uplift, empower and validate women around the world.

Years ago, when I saw a Younique auction item at a school fundraiser, I knew I had to win it. I heard about the 3D fiber-lash mascara and just had to try it! After I got it, I fell in love with it, and fell in love with the wide-selection that Younique offers – high-quality, naturally-based cosmetics and skincare. I got the $99 Presenter Kit (filled with over $280 in products) just for the 20% discount, with no intention of selling.

But then I was welcomed by a loving community of positive and enthusiastic Y-sisters. Learning all their inspiring, successful stories, my mindset shifted, I realized selling Younique helped to boost my self-confidence, it challenged me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and it also helped to boost my finances!

I invite you to join me on this amazing journey where together we will be successful mompreneurs, and join our billion-dollar, debt-free, rapidly-growing Younique company as they continue their mission to support women, like us. (Younique also has “The Younique Foundation,” an affiliated organization which specifically supports sexual abuse survivors. For more info:

If you’re interested at all in learning what Younique can offer you, either as a Presenter, Customer, or Host, I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions, at Hope to hear from you!

Kenifer Villafanaunnamed



My name is Kenifer I am a mother of three and I was looking to find something that would free me from debt and give me financial stability without taking away time from my family. I research and found a company that help me do both. FINANCIAL EDUCATION SERVICES DID IT FOR ME WHILE OFFERING ME THE CHANCE TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME GETTING PAID WEEKLY WHILE WORKING FROM HOME. NOW I am looking for passionate account executives ready to impact the lives of individuals who have been turned down based on credit.

unnamed (3)

Visit or
Then visit my website to find out how you can get start today!



Shelby Harris


AdvoCare found me as a senior in college who was already very interested in health and fitness, but my nutrition was not as good as I would have hoped it to be. I had some extra college weight even with an extensive workout routine, and I couldn’t stick to any particular eating plan no matter how hard I tried. A good friend of mine introduced me to AdvoCare, a company that has been around for over 20 years, and I immediately fell in love with the products. I started on a 24 Day Challenge and lost 6 lbs and over 8 inches and felt AMAZING. My performance in every day life was better, and in the gym, I was setting new records like never before. I then began using AdvoCare as a form of secondary income, and it has helped me to pay for the every day needs as a graduate student.



You may be asking, what makes AdvoCare different from all those other products out there? The answer is INFORMED CHOICE. I learned that not only were these products making me feel great, but they had the science behind them to satisfy even a graduating Biology major! AdvoCare also has a Science and Medical Advisory Board made up of great doctors, such as Dr. Stanley Dudrick who invented intravenous feeding. If he stands behind these products, why would I? And then there’s the results. In my few years with AdvoCare, I have lost that extra college weight, and actually gained 8 lbs of muscle. My body composition has completely changed to be a fueled machine, ready to jump into any aspect of life with vigor and energy. No other product line has given me results like this, and as someone in the health and fitness world, that’s saying something.


Last, but not least, AdvoCare has provided me with an opportunity, and that same opportunity is available to you. I get to set my own hours, work on my own time, and plan a life on my terms. I don’t have a limit on how much I can be making, it’s all about the work I put in to this company. AdvoCare starts you at a 20% discount as a Distributor, which also means you get 20% off any products you order for yourself! That discount can continue up to a 40% discount, additionally give you 40% off your products, and allow you to earn leadership bonuses and overrides by helping others reach their goals too! There’s NO minimum orders, NO autoship on products, and NO mandatory obligations here. Sign up as a distributor for a one time fee of $79 plus shipping, and you get THREE FREE boxes of Spark, our mental focus and energy drink with NO sugar with it (a $60 value!)! This fee gives you your discount for an entire year, and allows you to immediately begin working your business. And best of all, your sponsor is there to help you every step of the way. You are in this buisness for yourself but you are never working by yourself. This company prides itself on being an honest company that is designed for your success; all you have to do is say yes to an opportunity to change your future.



Melissa Willmarth


Avon can be your full time job, part time job, or help you raise extra money for a vacation, holidays, even unexpected expenses. The possibilities are endless when you become an Avon Representative. It only cost $15 to sign up to become an independent Avon representative. This gives you everything you need to start selling Avon including your own FREE personal website. With Avon, you can earn 20-50% commission. As long as you sell at least $50, you will earn 20% commission. With each online order you receive through your FREE website, you will earn 20% commission. There are lots of incentives for representatives who want to grow their business.

What makes Avon so great is Avon has something for everyone’s budget. Avon has something for everyone including children – make up, clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, perfume, cologne, and more.
I love Avon because I can work from home or online. I get to set my own hours and work when it’s convenient for me.

If you would like to get started selling Avon go to to sign up. If it asks for reference code just use mwillmarth. If you would like more information, please contact me My Facebook page is

Perfectly Posh


Christie Williams

Website: http://www.poshwithchristie.coma>

c97916d9-8efa-4929-a22e-1d9b16cb74d7Are you looking for something fun with values that you love? Well that’s us! At Perfectly Posh we offer naturally based pampering products because YOU deserve to put nothing but the best on you, your friends, and your family. Our products are spa grade quality at affordable prices. We use gentle ingredients. We avoid fillers. We love natural butters and oils in abundance. We do not use any petroleum based products (you will not have a ‘greasy’ feeling after using our products), no parabens, no paraffins, no lanolin, no phithalates, no sulfates, and no soy or gluten fillers in any of our products. We are also animal cruelty free! Our products are made and sold only in the USA.
At Posh you are valued, treated with respect. It doesn’t matter if your Posh business is large or small and we are grateful you have given us your time. We have a—lot of fun!!! Seriously, A lot! We laugh, we make quirky, silly, funny videos and/or posts and just let our hair down and pamper with Posh! We are who we are and Posh loves everyone’s individuality.

e04e17c2-7f49-4c5d-a8bb-d2046ffc85e6If you are looking to OWN your own business that will bring you a paycheck every week (yes, we get paid every week, no waiting for a monthly check anymore), where you can have fun, share products with family, friends, your community and online then I’d love to chat to see if Posh is the right fit for you. Owning my own Posh business has seriously been the best business decision I’ve made. I love supporting each and every one of my fabulous teammates in their journey to making their business what they want it to be. They set their own goals and Posh and I provide incentives to help them reach those goals. Don’t fear – If you’ve never owned your own business don’t worry, we have a full 90 day Posh Academy to walk you through all the steps, plus you’ll have myself, my team, and my premiere ready to help you get started.

If your curious and want to check Posh out I’d love to share samples with you as well to see if this is something that you may love to do.

Usborne Books

Andrea Blanchette


Hi! I’m Andrea, a Team Leader with Usborne Books, an award-winning children’s book company. This company has allowed me to stay at home and relish the precious moments of watching my children grow and learn. I work with families, schools, libraries, & organizations to put the very best books into the hands of children across the US and will often bring my kids to work with me! a consultant, you can share the books with customers through internet and home parties (hostess’ earn FREE product!), and there is an opportunity to work with schools & libraries as the sole source provider of books they NEED.

If you’re a book lover and would like to spread the love for learning and reading, I invite you to try this home-based business! There is nothing to lose since the kit is deeply discounted from retail prices. The starter kit prices are $69 or $119 Shipping and all the business supplies you need to start are in there!

Commission is on average 25%, and increases as you grow a team! Additional perks include free product, residual income, cash & prize bonuses, and incentive trips (earn a Caribbean cruise!) Contact me, or order your kit online, to start “Changing the world, one book at a time” today!

Rodan + Fields

Jane Montedoro


Rodan + Fields is Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution. Rodan + Fields is bringing dermatology to the home with skincare products and tools that address aging skin, discoloration, sun damage, sensitive skin, acne and make real, visible results possible at home without injections or other invasive procedures. All products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, even if the bottles are empty!
It’s just simple wash your face! Talk and share it with, family, friends ….. Anyone! Do you need extra cash to pay bills, day care, family vacations or like me to work from home with two kids …. And providing for my family. Depending on what you have your goals set, you can work this business as little or as much as you want or as time allows. Please feel free to contact me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Poofy Life


Lisa Turley




Poofy Organics promises to avoid toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals. Each ingredient is sourced ethically & sustainably. Poofy if certified USDA organic & uses NO hidden ingredients whatsoever.3f4176e5-419e-42f0-af2f-bd93175f7a2a

Over 500 products! Cosmetics, Essential Oils, Laundry, Bath, Cleaning, Teens, Babies, Moms, and yes, something for the GUYS!

In addition to our POOFY line, we offer other lines to suit the entire family’s needs. BABY Poof provides an array of safe products for your infants. I AM goddess was born out of the necessity for healthy bath & body products with decadence. Each goddess essence was carefully selected and each product will be sure to entice! It is all about luxury and indulgence without being extravagantly expensive or unsafe. We developed RUGGEDLY NATURAL to offer safe products for men without the girly labels and shortly thereafter launched the fun YOUNG WiLD & Free kids line!

Young, Wild & Free ~ Poofy Glam ~ I Am Goddess ~ Baby Poof ~ Poofy Supernaturals ~ Ruggedly Natural

Family Owned Business started in 2006 ~ Less than 500 Guides (Consultants) ~ Handmade Products ~ Made in the USA ~ USDA Certified Facility ~ USDA Certified Products ~ Cruelty Free ~ No GMO Ingredients ~ Gluten Free ~ Affordable

You can start your own business for only $9.95! With Poofy you can feel good about the products you are selling.


Stephanie Mize


Looking for an alternative to a 9–5 job? Seeking a ground floor opportunity? Join now for only $99!
Be One of the First!
– Monat Global offers the most compelling social selling opportunity available today. Here’s why:
Groundfloor Opportunity. We just launched in late 2014. Be a part of something special from the very beginning.
– Easy-to-Share Products that Women Really Want. Our unique haircare system is proven to work, and the results are jaw-dropping. No other direct selling company offers products like this.
– Gen10943030_1022567594424071_1797698394091688528_nerous Compensation Plan. We have the most rewarding plan in the industry. Earn up to 40% on your personal sales, and up to 12% on group sales bonuses.
– Ongoing Fast-Start Bonuses and Promotions. You can earn $300 to $1,000 in your first 30 days.
– Amazing Trips. You can earn unbelievable, once in a lifetime experiences for you and a guest, just for working your business.
– A Fabulous Support Team. We give you all the training and support you need to be successful, and a team to cheer you on. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself!
– Flexible Hours. Plan your business in and around your life, and enjoy the flexibility of earning an income on your terms. We’ll show you how.
What are you waiting for? Join today for $99!!!