Application Tips

Getting the perfect manicure is very important to me. As a busy Mom, I don’t have time to fix my nails every few days, and I’m sure neither do you! That w655fd280894f707f730bbd774fbfd3b9as why I fell in love with Jamberry Nail Wraps. I finally found a product that I didn’t need to worry about chipping after a day or two. Plus the no dry time was huge as my kids always need something. Jamberry fixes that! But for some people, finding the perfect application can be tough. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get a manicure you love. Remember, at first you don’t succeed, try again and ask for help!



Clean, Dry and Oil Free Nails: The key to a good application is your nail beds. They need to be dry which means make sure you weren’t swimming or bathing 2 hours before application. They need to be clean, no dirt on them and your cuticles need to be pushed back. They need to be free of oils which many people have on their nails and don’t realize it! To remove oil, buff your nail and use alcohol on them before applying your nail wrap. If you have very oily nails, prepare your nails individual before applying your wrap.  Young kids in particular have oily nails!
Keep The Nail Wrap Clean: Don’t touch it with your fingers, as the oils on your fingers can effect the wrap. Instead use tweezers or a nail stick to remove the wrap and position it on your nail.


Application: Make sure to nail wrap is SMALLER than your nail. It should not touch any skin. If the nail wrap is too big, it will bubble on the side. Your nail wrap should also not touch your cuticle which is why you need to push it back.


Heat: Make sure you use enough heat on your wrap. The wrap should be flimsy and curing in when it is heated enough. I heat mine for 10-15 seconds. Heat before applying, and then after it is on your nail. Smooth out the bumps and heat again if needed. Heat is your friend (you can also use a rice bag which is better for curvy nails as it gets the sides better).


Ends: Once the nail wrap has cooled, file the ends in a DOWNWARD motion. This will help seal the nail wrap.