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Dana’s Designs

Need a customized manicure to showcase your direct sales company, a fundraiser, or a special event? I can create something special just for you! Join my group on Facebook to see the designs I already have, or to request one. Dana’s Designs!jamberry-logo


Information On Ordering Designs

This information is for ordering my Jamberry Nails Nail Art Studio designs available for bulk order.I typically order once a week on Mondays  Please keep in mind orders take 5-10 business days to arrive to me, and then I ship them back out via USPS so plan accordingly. I have no control over most of this process.

NAS Designs are $25 per sheet. This includes shipping and tax.

((If you are a consultant buying for personal use, the ABOVE pricing applies. If you are a consultant buying for YOUR CLIENTS, sheets are $25 each plus a $5 design fee per order. Keep in mind I put in all the work in making these plus ordering them and packaging them to ship and make no commission from this.))


Purchasing Details:

**If you are a client of another Jamberry consultant or of myself please visit my website at and place an order for the needed total in gift cards to satisfy your order request (one $25 gift card/per NAS sheet) or send total direct payment via Paypal friends/family transfer to

**As an alternative for clients, if using gift cards from another Jamberry consultant’s site, each design is $25 g/c + $5 designer fee per order. Designer fees may be paid via Paypal friends/family transfer to Thank you for your support of my time and effort.

**If you are a consultant, in following with Jamberry P&P, please purchase your gift cards from yourself and send $5 per order fee via Paypal friends/family transfer to

**To submit order, email with your Gift Card Code, mailing address, and which sheet you would like and the quantity.

**If you are a consultant buying for your own person use and no customers or re-sell, you do not have to pay the design fee.

Request A Design:

Need a design made? Send a request to Design fee is $5 per creation with 3 changes made to make sure it fits your desires.


Orders will be considered complete and ready for order fulfillment once all payment steps have been satisfied. If not completed in entirety, the incomplete request will not be ordered and no portion of payment provided will be used.


I will only mail to 1 address per order form request. If you would like the wraps mailed to different addresses, please submit separate orders with separate gift cards.


To view all my styles, please feel free to join my Facebook Group:



Dana Wikoff

Senior Lead Consultant