You Are Enough!

As a Mom, many of us struggle with our perspective on if we are doing a good enough job. Lately that has been something that has been a BIG struggle for me. In the past, I always knew I was doing the best I could. I thought of myself as a great Mom who was able to handle so much. And then I got sick, and suddenly my normal was not the same anymore. That has been a big adjustment for me, and I think many people struggle with the same thing. Instead of doing the best we can, we compare ourselves to others and how they are doing better than us!


For each of us it’s different, but for me I see the energy other people have, or the fun things they go do. I get tired very easily, I get sick very easily, and keeping up has been such a struggle. I recently went out of town and the whole time I was there, I kept beating myself up that I couldn’t keep up. But the reality is we are all so different!!! We all have different strengths, we all have different struggles, we all have different hurdles we have to overcome. And its so very important to remember NOT to compare yourself to others. All that matters is YOU do the best you can, and remind yourself at the end of the day that you are doing the BEST you can….and that is OK!


As Moms it’s important to remember, we need to do the best we can and not worry about the rest! Your best is good enough, so stop comparing it to other’s. I know that is a reminder we all need. Keep up the great work Moms!!!




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